PlayerUnknown Teases New Screenshots of the Upcoming PUBG Desert Map

A better look at the anticipated new PUBG map.

News by Matt Kim. Published 9th November 2017 21:12PM

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the surprise hit of 2017, is gearing up for a new map. It's a big deal for the massively popular game which has so far only hosted its death match on a single, massive island. While the new desert map is still some time away from launch, Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene teased four new images of the new map on Twitter today.

Compared to the few teaser images posted back in July, the new images of the Desert map are considerably more varied. There are multistory buildings, an area that looks like some downtown shopping district (complete with buildings in mid-construction), a gated prison complex, and some kind of wild outback area with a few cottages.

It's a good sampler of things to expect in the new map, and you get the feeling that there's a greater sense of thematic cohesion with the new map. The current map, as big and wonderful as it is to explore, does feel a bit random at times.

Expect the Desert Map to launch sometime after PUBG leaves Early Access.

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