How to Make Big Money in the GTA V Stock Market (Updated for PS4 and Xbox One)

Has senseless slaughter lost its charm? Tired of earning cash the old-fashioned way? Here's how to cash in on the Los Santos stock market and get rich! Like a billion dollars rich!

Guide by Cassandra Khaw, .

Pfft. Money. Who needs it?

Cold, harsh cash can't buy you happiness. It can only purchase the cheap, meaningless joy that comes from a diamond-studded, jet-setting lifestyle. Austerity and moderation? Now, that's where it's --

Okay, who am I kidding?

We both know why you're here. To buy every golf course and woman of negotiable virtue in Los Santos, of course. Excess is Grand Theft Auto's middle name and we're here to make sure you can wring out every last, blood-stained penny from everyone's favorite new sandbox. Yesterday, Jaz started the ball rolling with a rundown on the many cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto 5. Today, we're going to talk about the bulls and the bears.

Taking Sides

There are two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5: the LCN, which is affected by in-game events, and the BAWSAQ, which is influenced by the game's smorsgaboard of dirty-dealing players. While it's somewhat harder to alter the flow of the latter, the former is largely fair game. How so? Because much like in real name, the stock market fluctuates based on current events. If bad things happen, prices drop. Now, can you guess where I'm going next? Right.

You're the bad thing. So make bad things happen.

Invest in the automobile industry. Which company makes your favorite car? Lampadati? Coil? Vulcar? Once you've determined a pet manufacturer, go out there and shoot every single one of their products down. Literally. Torch them. Perforate them. Paint them with Justin Bieber decals. I don't care what. Just destroy as many of them as you can. This, in turn, will cause the company's stocks to plummet. Once you're done with that? Purchase all the inexpensive stock you can before going out and doing what you just did again. This time, target everyone else. With a little bit of effort, you'll be able to raise your own company's stocks by virtue of making certain no one else has an assembly line.

At least, that's what certain armchair statisticians think. Similarly, you can purportedly affect other businesses as well by causing mass chaos at their rivals' outlets. Whether it works or not, well, that's still being debated but if you needed an excuse to beat up unsuspecting fast food workers? Well, there it is right there.

For record's sake, here's the list of rivalries

  • CoolBeans / BeanMachine
  • Burgershot / Up-An-Atom
  • Clucking Bell / TacoBomb
  • FlyUS / AirEmu
  • GoPostal / PostOP
  • Bilkington / DollarPills
  • Pisswasser / Logger
  • MazeBank / BankOfLiberty
  • Redwood / Debonaire
  • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter / Bullhead
  • RadioLosSantos / WorldwideFM
  • eCola /Raine
Petty crime doesn't pay. Big, corporate-level crime does.

Uncle Lester loves his 'kids'.

If you're interested in something a little less iffy, redditor Trekkx has a more concrete guide to follow, one that may spread $2.1 billion dollars worth of love across all of your characters. The only problem with this one? You probably should have been following the guide from the beginning. Regardless of whether this is a possibility or not, however, trekkx's guide may still be useful to most. There's also a supremely informative 'heist' guide that you might want to consider using in tandem with Trekkx's

(The 130-comment reddit thread that this guide spawned is also totally worth reading through.)

(Editor's note: Again, this is an excerpt of Trekkx's guide on Reddit. Do rummage through it for more detail.)

STEP I - Starting

Begin the story. Keep going through all of the missions, don't worry when you do the LifeInvader assassination as you can't affect stocks at that point.

Step II - The Hotel Assassination

Before you can move past the story at a certain point, you'll have to do The Hotel Assassination. In this you are damaging the shares of Bilkington in order to raise the shares of Betta Pharmaceuticals. Betta Pharmaceuticals peaks at around 80%, and I am unsure about Bilkington (please comment if you find out!)


The last two steps aren't very important and and to be honest this assassination will hardly change the outcome at all as you have very little to invest, but you may as well if you want the extra cash.

Step III - Complete the story

Finish off the main storyline. If you did the last heist right, you should have around $40M to spend on each character. Now it is time to make some real money.

Step IV - The Multi Target Assassination

In this assassination you are damaging the shares of Redwood in order to raise the shares of Debonaire. The Debonaire stocks will peak at around 80% return, with Redwoods peaking at around 300%.


You may have to wait a few days for Redwood to rebound, so just keep sleeping until it peaks.

STEP V - The Vice Assassination

In this assassination you are damaging the shares of Facade in order to raise the shares of Fruit. The guides that I have seen have often missed a crucial step in this assassination: invest in Facade as it rebounds. The Fruit shares will peak at around 50%, with Facades peaking at around 30%.


This step is the difference between making around $1.5B and $2.1B, so make sure you don't forget it. Once again Facade may take some time to rebound so just keep sleeping until it hits the peak.

STEP VI - The Bus Assassination

This assassination is slightly different as it focuses entirely on the Vapid stock rebounding after you damage it. The Vapid stock rebound will peak at exactly 100%.


You'll have to wait a few days for the stock to rebound, so keep advancing time and checking the stocks at any time after 8am.

STEP VII - The Construction Assassination

This assassination has no rebound and focuses on getting GoldCoasts business back from another construction firm (not on any of the stock exchanges). The GoldCoast stocks will peak at around 80%.


Alternatively, if you are, for some reason, less inclined towards taking cues from Uncle Lester, here's an equally profitable trick. Ever wanted to make 1.5 billion dollars really quick? Go design the next Facebook - oh, wait. You meant in GTA 5. This tip comes straight from Jaz, courtesy of a dude named Dahpie from Gamefaqs, who adapted the words of toddfa from the GTA forums. (Yes, there's a bit of a family tree there.) But, without further ado:

This requires.

1. Finished the game

2. Maximum amount of money (35 Million) from the big one. (Requires you to take the Obvious approach for less team members used, also use all of the lowest costing heist members. Will need to level them up wisely to do)

3. All of Lester's Assassination missions left untouched (Aside from the first one which is mandatory)

Step 1: Invest in Debonaire before the mission. After the mission, sell all of Debonaire when it reaches maximum profit and then INVEST in Redwood!!!! My Return= 300% (Editor's note: You know a man's serious when he uses that many exclamations marks.)

Step 2: Invest in Fruit shares before the mission and cashout afterwards! My Return= 50%

Step 3: Invest in Vapid AFTER you complete the mission. Cash out when you made your cut! My Return= 100%

Step 4: Invest in Gold Coast Development before the mission and pullout afterwards! My Return= 80%

Step 5: Trigger the Hitch Lift 1 random event (Location: Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon) and complete the event. He will then give you a stock tip about the company "Tinkle", invest for Return = 30%

More? More.

Courtesy of GTAForums's The Nefarious Jester, we've got a lead on a few profitable random encounters. If you get lucky while free roaming through South Los Santos, you might found yourself encountering a man being robbed of his push-bike. It might seem hilarious to stand and watch. However, if you get the bike back, the man will purportedly inform you that he owns the ARK animal chain and provide you a substantial number of shares for free. Sweet! There's also a random ped mission to be found near the tunnel on the Interstate road heading north to the Bay. If you take a certain someone to the airport, he'll give you stock advice on what to purchase. So, do what the man says and buy now!

That said, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is check out two GTA 5-related subreddits: r/GTAVstocks/ and r/GTAMarket . There's an absolute wealth of in-depth information to be found there, including a dizzying amount of theory crafting and mathematical reports. More interestingly, it looks like efforts have been made to artificially change the flow of BAWSAQ in order to benefit all parties involved. Think you can hang with the best? Go there.

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  • Avatar for d0x #1 d0x 3 years ago
    I just pulled off the final heist his morning but I'm the tempted to start over so I can earn more money. I have roughly 300k with each character. I've just started buying properties too. I should have waited on the assassination missions till I had a good chunk to invest.
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  • Avatar for darshanrajmancoo88 #2 darshanrajmancoo88 3 years ago
    I invested in redwoods and making a loss of 24 millions dollars!! -_-
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  • Avatar for nathanpalmer90 #3 nathanpalmer90 3 years ago
    Surely $7,000 is enough to do something with the LifeInvader assassination. Wish I knew a good strategy for this part but the article skips over this one... even a little extra cash for the start...Edited December 2013 by nathanpalmer90
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  • Avatar for reggiewin150 #4 reggiewin150 3 years ago
    I killed it with that stock market game a billion 1.1 you.we need more lester hits
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  • Avatar for reggiewin150 #5 reggiewin150 3 years ago
    @d0x if I started over i see bill Gates money i get more like 10 a be 20 in stocks hell fucked up my . im 47 yrs old. wait to it peek out
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  • Avatar for XxMyManRayXx #6 XxMyManRayXx 3 years ago
    OK so i invested like 22 mill in the AUG stock market in LCN. I blew up cars and everything for like a half hour strait i did die a couple times but then i waited for the stock to reach its lowest point. I went and purchased the stock the furthest i seen it go down to was 507.23 and i went ahead and bought the stocks. It went up to 510.98 and i only made like 20k that was it so is there something i am doing wrong or missing somebody please HELP!!!
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  • Avatar for NibKing #7 NibKing 3 years ago
    STEP V - The Vice Assassination [FRT] Fruit (BAWSAQ) peaked at 19, not 50.
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  • Avatar for ColonelCommunism #8 ColonelCommunism 3 years ago
    Also, another tip that I've tried which isn't cheating in anyway, but isn't foolproof either.

    Do this at a time where you won't play for a good six hours or so.

    Go to the BAWSAQ website. Invest in the three cheapest stocks, quicksaving to a new slot between each one. Check back after six or so hours. In the highly unlikely case none of the stocks made you a profit, simply load your first save.
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  • Avatar for goshops #9 goshops 3 years ago
    For the Hotel assassination, invest in Bilkington after Betta maxes out, Betta maxed out at 84% for me, then I invested in Bilkington, it took a long time for them to recover, (like, .02% for a long time, to even -.09%, but then suddenly it shot up about two in-game weeks later, but when it did, it was worth it. It maxed out at 110% and it took Michael from investing $661k in Betta, $539k profit; to investing $1.2m in Bilkington, to having $3m after Bilkington maxed.

    So after you invest in Bilkington, keep doing story missions, or just driving around and having fun and check every day. It's worth it!
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  • I suggest doing the "Seeking The Truth" mission with Michael before the Betta Pharm. You'll have 2.1 million to invest if the mission is done correctly. Look it up, it takes some time but worth the reward.
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  • Avatar for travisireland58 #11 travisireland58 2 years ago
    @nathanpalmer90 LifeInvader stock does not recover after the mission. Gets low and stays low.
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  • Avatar for travisireland58 #12 travisireland58 2 years ago
    I have not used a cheat or exploit at all in the game, completed Kifflom! ($2,100,000) before Hotel Assassination. Maximized heist scores, did all the Assassination missions after The Big Score, and saved giving the taxi ride for Tinkle until I had properly invested everything else. Before the ride, Micheal had 2.147 billion-ish. Franklin had just over 2 billion, Trevor had just under 2 billion (#s approx.). Afterward they all had $2, 147, 483, 647. As well, money gained by killing NPCs did not register in my money count. Anybody else encounter this?
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  • Avatar for DreadManiac #13 DreadManiac 2 years ago
    Hey, I invested 27 mil into step IV, got back 30 mil+ from the Debonaire stocks, then bought the redwood when it was down. I waited for the redwood to rebound, but nothing happened..It just kept going lower and lower. Email me a reply at
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  • Avatar for DreadManiac #14 DreadManiac 2 years ago
    Actually, It started to rise. I cant believe I didnt trust you guys, but I invested all my mils and accidentalliy did not back my save. Soz for ever doubting yall.
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  • Avatar for michaelanderson90 #15 michaelanderson90 2 years ago
    Good looks but EVERYONE READ fruit tops out at 26.19...
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  • Avatar for timoudewesselink83 #16 timoudewesselink83 2 years ago
    I dont knkw i did i right but my stocks have dropped 89
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  • Avatar for WipEout #17 WipEout 2 years ago
    I cant conect to Bawsaq. It says The market is down for maintenance. Please try again later. I dont know What to do. I tryed to sleep but i Get This message Every day of the week. I have played the game through several times before, just This time i want to be able to Buy the golf course. Please help!
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  • Avatar for WipEout #18 WipEout 2 years ago
    To Get the propertys for free, you Need to have enough to Pay for it. Then Buy it and in the same second you have bought it you press start button. Then you repete a gamemission. I sugest a short one. You Need to finnish it. When the game loads back you own the property and still have all the cash you payd for it.
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  • Avatar for WipEout #19 WipEout 2 years ago
    Never mind. Thank God for Google. Answer: If you are unable to access BAWSAQ for this reason, please sign into Xbox Live or PSN. A live connection is required to access this feature.
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  • Can't wait to finish the missions. I am nearly done with the game.
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  • Avatar for hugofuse07 #21 hugofuse07 2 years ago
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  • Avatar for rafidhassan49 #22 rafidhassan49 2 years ago
    Whenever u said "buy/invest after mission",it didn't work
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  • Avatar for kongenher51 #23 kongenher51 2 years ago
    @travisireland58 yeah its just like mine.. when i was finnish with my first playthough on PS4 (im only collecting money with Franklin) i could have ended up with nearly 7 billion $ but at one point doing the second to last assassin mission it completely fucked up.. and i couldnt get more than 2,1 Billion..?!? i don't know if its a limit on how many you could earn, and why it is if its like so. and what's the idea.. i mean you cant spend all 2,1 anyway.. so why not allow people to earn 6 or 7 billion? (i took screenshots for proof)
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  • Avatar for brandonchew07 #24 brandonchew07 2 years ago
    I managed to get a higher return percentage on all stated assassinations, except Vapid. All my characters have $2.1 billion now even though I chose the best crew for all the heists. My return on Debonaire stocks peaked at 190.27% (that's probably what got me so much cash). I did this by saving the game right after finishing the Multi Target Assassination (should be around 8-10am), then loading the game again. For some reason this spiked up the return %. I did this for the rest of the assassinations and all proved the same, save Vapid. Still managed to reach max cash even though BettaPharmaceuticals' return peaks around 25% on the new GTA V on PS4/Xbox.
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  • Avatar for devaughnhauck05 #25 devaughnhauck05 2 years ago
    I took a dare after saving and got a 425% return on the redwood!! My characters are a third of the way to a billion dollars and I've only done one of the assassination missions from Lester!
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  • Avatar for garylyons61 #26 garylyons61 2 years ago
    Step II - The Hotel Assassination the stock (BIL) Stock tops out at 40% don't push it cause it drops fast and hard I waited and I'm at 4% now
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  • Avatar for chaztimblin88 #27 chaztimblin88 2 years ago
    I have the 100% fool proof way of making a ton of money. I stumble into to this way and it is worked for Michael and Franklin. I turned 26,000,000 to 400,000,000. I is so simple and works.
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  • Avatar for Mzs #28 Mzs 2 years ago
    This article is extremely helpful thank you very much. I played the game all over after I saw this!
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  • Avatar for chriscooper20 #29 chriscooper20 2 years ago
    Ok I am completely stuck, just completed the bank heist and the virus job, and now I have 0 missions but the assassination, how do I trigger the next missions or did they patch it to make me do this assassination first to progress, this is the second assassination mission btw.
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  • Avatar for chriscooper20 #30 chriscooper20 2 years ago
    Update had to delete update and game data and re install to unglitch my game.
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  • Avatar for liamohan17 #31 liamohan17 A year ago
    What's the point in this? If you finish the main storyline then it's just more or less freeroaming after that. I mean why bother making money just for the sake of it, you won't need to buy anything if you're finished?
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  • Avatar for seanmatakonis01 #32 seanmatakonis01 A year ago
    The (BIL) rebound profit is about 75 % after that, immediately after that, it begins too go down.
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  • Avatar for detjo #33 detjo A year ago
    It's actually possible to make a billion on the stock market before the multi assassination.
    Once the jewelery heist is done and u have a worthwhile amount of cash to invest, and LifeInvader hits rock bottom, put all ur cash into LifeInvader stock at around $3-4 per share. Next time you reload the game immediately check the stock price and notice it's anything up to 250% higher. Sell All :)
    Continue playing and the price will go back down to $3-4. Time to invest again .. ;)

    It's a great way to potentially double ur cash :))
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  • Avatar for manuelrosadilla53 #34 manuelrosadilla53 A year ago
    OK this one worked for me really well. Get chased by the police, the longer the chase(and the more vehicles, choppers, and cops killed) the better, when you re-spawn, invest in AUG, which should be around 100-170, after you invest, save and close the game, open the game, and AUG should be at 300 or more. (AUG is at LCN)

    PS: the prices of the shares might vary.
    PPS: I only tried it on ps4, it might not work on XBOX.

    TIP: The stocks that change the most are in LCN, because the companies there are bigger, just like in the real world, Blue chips(LCN) vary more than NASDAQ(BAWSAQ)
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  • Avatar for a8eoi13 #35 a8eoi13 A year ago
    This guide is bullshit. Fruit for me only peaked at 25% and GC is only peaking around 45%.
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  • Avatar for johnlazyten86 #36 johnlazyten86 A year ago
    I got ripped of with my redwood stock!!! After buying the stock at acost of 234 it got up to 939 giving me a return of 300% but 939 : 234 makes about 4.0 so i got swndled for about 100%
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  • Avatar for claytongauthier39 #37 claytongauthier39 A year ago
    Wow, this was really helpful.

    I swapped over from the 360 to the Xbox 1 and decided to replay the story mode. I found this and made just over 3.9 BILLION!!!!!

    M - $1,374,657,664
    F - $1,316,655,375
    T - $ 1,299,785,232

    *I noticed a few people complaining in this thread about the percentages being off. I noticed this on a number of stocks. My Redwood went up from $18.35 to $70.87 a 286.21% increase. Then The Fruit only went up 25% for me. The FAC about 32%, VAP 100.55% and GCD from $55.70 to $88.54. I found that if I have several save points and just kept going through until I got the highest possible and then would reload that save point. One thing to note, is that with the saving when you save say slot 10. It becomes slot 1. No longer in slot 10. I had made that mistake for a bit, perhaps that's where several people messed up as well.Edited July 2015 by claytongauthier39
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  • Avatar for kurantu #38 kurantu A year ago
    Deleted August 2015 by kurantu
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  • Avatar for nickdaĺĺia #39 nickdaĺĺia A year ago
    The peak return percentage for Bilkinton for me was 133 point something but yeah I invested like $900,000 and got back $2,000,000
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  • Avatar for nickdaĺĺia #40 nickdaĺĺia A year ago
  • Avatar for donniebrassco40 #41 donniebrassco40 A year ago
    Guys i have just managed to make a 677.05 percent return on my redwood investment after assasination. I found out that if u r patient enough you can keep saving n loading n it will keep going up. As soon as it starts dropping load the last save n straight away without checking the lcn market portfolio' advance time by 8 hours and check again it will increase from last one.
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  • Avatar for donniebrassco40 #42 donniebrassco40 A year ago
    I am on 1018.12 percent ROI on Redwood investment. One hour in play time real time , just saving loading ....
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  • Avatar for donniebrassco40 #43 donniebrassco40 A year ago
  • Avatar for smbking #44 smbking A year ago
    @liamohan17 there is a trophy to spend $200,000,000 and there is no way to earn that much without the stock market unless you spend a lot of time doing side missions for little cash
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  • Avatar for tonychen81 #45 tonychen81 A year ago
    Betta Pharmaceutical (50%) After Mission
    Bilkington (144%) After Rebound
    Debonaire (74%) After Misson
    Redwood (326%) After Rebound
    Fruit (25%) After Mission
    Facade (33%) After Rebound
    Vapid (100%) After Rebound
    Gold Coast (45%) After Mission
    Total Cash= $1.58 Billion
    (ON PC TESTED ON OCT.26.15)
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  • Avatar for péterkovács92 #46 péterkovács92 A year ago
    I need help. When it comes to the Hotel Assassination, before the mission I can't invest my money in BET since I have no access to Brawsaq, and after the mission, when I try to purchase BIL, I actually purchase them, but my money just disappears and the "My portfolio" page remains empty. What could I do to fix this problem?
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  • Avatar for ireliakroot06 #47 ireliakroot06 A year ago
    I destroy a bunch of eCola trucks and the stock price from eCola goes up, what the hell???
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  • Avatar for briandickinson75 #48 briandickinson75 A year ago
    Made 1.7 billion omfg thanks for this lmao
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  • Avatar for mikeyfrancisdunne85 #49 mikeyfrancisdunne85 11 months ago
    Okay so the advice on here is sketchy at best as the stock market on GTA 5 is incredibly glitchy and works out differently for each person. Betta Pharmaceuticals peaked at 33.5% and so while waiting for it to peak at 80%, I lost it all when it crashed again.

    I also noticed problems when it was at 33.%%, I tried selling some of my shares and it was coming up as a loss and it was showing me I was only selling let's say 200 shares, but when I clicked sell it sold 4000 shares.

    You only need to look at the comments below to see that it isn't as easy as it stated above. I'd tread carefully when following these instructions.
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  • Avatar for ludacrits #50 ludacrits 11 months ago
    @nathanpalmer90 The LifeInvader stock never rebounds and will stay at 3.50/share forever. If you invest in LFI, you'll only waste whatever starting money you have.
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  • Avatar for ludacrits #51 ludacrits 11 months ago
    After reading all these comments, my best pieces of advice is:

    1. Always save (preferably in a new save slot and have a backup save) before you invest money in any stock.

    2. Rest a days game time, check the stock, if it raised in overall value save over one of those previously mentioned saves.

    3. If you think a stock has peaked, save your game then rest a couple days forward and see if the stock dipped a little or not, that's your indication on when it's not peaking anymore.

    4. Sell off all shares on all characters. Profit.
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  • Avatar for williamrawlings80 #52 williamrawlings80 10 months ago
    I found some more awesome GTA 5 stock market guides and hints here
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  • Avatar for calebbrown78 #53 calebbrown78 6 months ago
    I like money yea for me I like people
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  • Avatar for calebbrown78 #54 calebbrown78 6 months ago
    When do I get the money
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  • Avatar for calebbrown78 #55 calebbrown78 6 months ago
    I haven't got my money yet and it's been a hour
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  • Avatar for pokem23 #56 pokem23 A month ago
    we should get the gta money cheats at this website.Edited last month by pokem23
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  • Avatar for ninjakalas #57 ninjakalas 24 days ago
    Found this youtube video, its newer and more updated, the video is also very funny
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  • Avatar for michaelo'rourke81 #58 michaelo'rourke81 21 days ago
    I made a video that makes you money way quicker than this... its here if u want it. you get like 100k in like 10minutes
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