Monster Hunter World - January Release Date, HD Gameplay, Trailer, Character Creator, Platforms, Co-Op - Everything We Know

Monster Hunter is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2018, with the PC version to follow.

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Monster Hunter World, a brand new entry in the historic Monster Hunter franchise, is arriving on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in January 2018, after being revealed for the first time at Sony’s E3 2017 presentation on June 12.

Recent entries in the Monster Hunter franchise have only been available for Nintendo consoles and handheld devices, but Monster Hunter World is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. We’ve rounded up everything we know about Monster Hunter World right here for you, including the Monster Hunter World release date, platforms, and co-op gameplay.

The Monster Hunter World Beta will be taking place very soon on the PS4, for players around the world on December 9. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Beta guide for all you need to know to access the limited event.

Monster Hunter World Essential Information:

  • Release Date: January 26, 2018 (PS4 and Xbox One), 2018 (PC)
  • Price: TBC
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Online Adventure

Monster Hunter World Individual Guides:

If you'd like a complete rundown of the character creation system of Monster Hunter World, then check out the TG 2017 gameplay video just below.

Also debuted at the Tokyo Games Show 2017 was a single player demo for Monster Hunter World, which began in a tavern and ended up running through multiple cutscenes with gameplay littered in between.

Later, on October 30 at Sony's Paris Games Week 2017 presentation, it was revealed in the trailer below that PS4 players on Monster Hunter World would be able to play as Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy, as a console exclusive feature.

Monster Hunter World Release Date and Price

Revealed for the very first time at Sony’s E3 2017 presentation, Monster Hunter World will be arriving from Capcom on January 26, 2018, although it should be noted that this Monster Hunter World release date only applies to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, which are set for a simultaneous release date. As for the PC version, Capcom has stated that it will be arriving later in 2018, but how much later, we don't yet currently know.

A brand new trailer for Monster Hunter World showcasing various lush environments and menacing beasts was used to announce the final release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, which you can see just below.

We’ve got nothing to go on right now with regard to the price for Monster Hunter World, but given the high profile nature of the series, and the fact that this is the first time the franchise is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we should probably expect it to retail for the full $60.

A brand new gameplay demo was shown at Gamescom in August 2017, with Capcom demonstrating a large new portion of Monster Hunter World gameplay.

Monster Hunter World Co-Op Gameplay

The trailer that announced Monster Hunter World, seen just below, depicted only a single character embarking on a mission to hunt down monsters, making it seem like this would be a major departure from previous games in the series, all of which usually focus on cooperative gameplay.

However Capcom then released a statement, after Sony’s E3 presentation was over, saying that Monster Hunter World would support a new seamless co-op system, allowing for players to drop in and out whenever they pleased, while also offering cross-region play between the west and Japan. On top of this, Capcom appears to be hinting that there are no loading screens in between different locations, as you can move from one area to another without a transition period.

As for what we saw in the gameplay reveal itself at Sony’s presentation, a single character was seen taking down multiple monsters, one of which could both fly and breathe fire, while the other monster resembled a T-Rex, both of which were eventually taken down by the one player character.

Monster Hunter World will be retaining the series' core upgrade and crafting systems, as players turn loot collected from fallen monsters into better weapons and equipment. On top of this, Monster Hunter World features a dynamic day-night cycle, which in turn impacts the behaviour of monsters scattered around the landscape, as well as the ways in which you can take them down.

Monster Hunter World - High Quality 23-Minute Gameplay Video

Capcom has released a brand-new high quality gameplay video for Monster Hunter World. The 23-minute video extends on what was seen at E3, and is much higher quality than the leaked footage you may have seen online.

Monster Hunter World Weapon Types Detailed

Capcom has released a series of videos, detailing the all the types of Monster Hunter World weapons. There are 14 weapon types in total, and if you're new to the acclaimed series, then you should know that changing weapons isn't a simple matter, as each weapon type can drastically change how your character performs.

One weapon type might allow your character to roll to the side with the dodge button, while another might switch the dodge button to allow your character to hop to the side instead. On top of this, you'll be able to change your equipped weapon type mid-mission, for the first time in the Monster Hunter series. Whereas before you would've had to quit the mission to change tactics, now you can just change weapons on the fly.

Monster Hunter World Gameplay Demo and Developer Interview

Monster Hunter World first debuted at E3 2017, and Capcom were on hand afterwards to take questions on PlayStation's YouTube livestream, which you can see below. Capcom are clearly looking to take full advantage of the power of consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro, saying that whereas before they were only able to produce small open areas in past Monster Hunter games, they're now able to implement large open map areas for Monster Hunter World.

The developer from Capcom also explained that each different type of monster in the world will have different personalities, meaning you can potentially use monsters against one another, swooping in to finish off any that remain and reap the easy rewards.

Monster Hunter World Wildspire Waste Area Trailer

Capcom released the trailer below detailing a brand new look at the Wildspire Waste area of the upcoming Monster Hunter World which, despite the name, actually seems filled with lush grass and woodland areas.

Make sure to stay till the very end of the trailer, as you'll garner a glimpse at a companion that may be joining you on your adventures in Monster Hunter World.

No Health Bars in Monster Hunter World

Rumors began circulating online that Monster Hunter World would feature damage numbers on screen every time you landed an attack on a monster, as well as health bars on the monsters themselves. The community manager for Monster Hunter debunked the health bar rumor, but confirmed that there would be damage numbers on screen for every time you landed an attack.

Only revealed for the first time recently at Sony’s E3 2017 presentation, this is all the information that we have to go on right now for Monster Hunter World, but we’ll be continually adding to this page whenever we hear anything new about the game.

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