Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How to Override Machines and Ride Mounts

We'll show you how to override machines, as well as which ones you can them mount to ride in this Horizon Zero Dawn Guide.

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Horizon Zero Dawn features the ability for Aloy to override machines, enabling them to aid her in combat for a short time, or to mount a certain few machines once overriden. Machines can be valuable allies for Aloy in the heat of combat, or can allow for a quick escape once mounted. This Horizon Zero Dawn Guide will tell you how to override machines and ride mounts.

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How to Use a Robot as a Mount

Early on in Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy will gain the ability to override machines. If you sneak up to one undetected, you’ll be prompted to either perform a silent strike or start the override process. Overriding a machine takes a few seconds, and takes longer if the machine is larger. Some machines can even be ridden as a form of transportation. Unfortunately, not all machines can be mounted. If they can’t be mounted, they’ll still fight by your side until the override wears off, or until they die.

Where to Unlock Additional Mounts

Overriding is unlocked in waves. There are four areas scattered around the map called Cauldrons. Cauldrons are underground bunkers where the machines are made. If Aloy is able to gain access to the Cauldron, fight her way through it and hack into the machine network at the end of the Cauldron. She’ll then get a new lineup of machines to override.

There aren’t many machines that can be mounted. The ones that can maneuver much like a horse. There’s a tradeoff when it comes to the game’s mounts: You’ll get from Point A to Point B a bit faster, but you won’t be able to easily collect any loot that you may pass. Also, it’s impossible to be stealthy when Aloy is on a mount. It’s usually better just to travel on foot. Aloy is a fast runner, and collecting all the resources you find is worth traveling at slightly slower speeds.

What You Unlock From Each Cauldron in Horizon Zero Dawn

PSI Cauldron

Watcher: Not Mountable
Strider: Mountable
Redeye Watcher: Not Mountable
Broadhead: Mountable
Charger: Mountable
Tallneck: Not Mountable

Sigma Cauldron

Grazer: Not Mountable
Scrapper: Not Mountable
Lancehorn: Not Mountable
Sawtooth: Not Mountable

RHO Cauldron

Longleg: Not Mountable
Trampler: Not Mountable
Shell-Walker: Not Mountable
Snapmaw: Not Mountable

XI Cauldron

Glinthawk: Not Mountable
Fire Bellowback: Not Mountable
Freeze Bellowback: Not Mountable

Zeta Cauldron

Rockbreaker: Not Mountable
Thunderjaw: Not Mountable
Stormbird: Not Mountable

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