Destiny 2 Flashpoint Guide - How to Complete Weekly Flashpoint, All Flashpoint Rewards

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In our Destiny 2 Flashpoint guide, we'll be walking you through the quickest and easiest ways to undertake the weekly Flashpoint event, so you can return to Cayde-6 ASAP and claim some of the best loot in Destiny 2 from him.

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Destiny 2 Flashpoint Guide

Once you've completed the Destiny 2 campaign, you'll be assigned a Milestone objective that requires you to complete three different Patrol missions on any one planet. We'd recommend heading to the area surrounding Devrim Kay for this, since there are at least four patrol beacons nearby his church.

Cayde-6, Destiny 2's loveable rogue of sorts.

You can check for nearby Patrol missions by pressing the middle button on the Dualshock 4, or the back button on the Xbox One controller, and scanning around for a small Patrol beacon. Go to a beacon and activate it to begin a Patrol mission, which never usually take more than 10 minutes.

After you've completed these three Patrol missions, you can return to Cayde-6 for some Rare gear, but more importantly, he'll give you the weekly Flashpoint Milestone objective. The Flashpoint objective can take place on either Earth, Io, Nessus, or Titan, and require you to complete a certain amount of Public Events, in order to earn a Legendary Engram from Cayde-6.

Destiny 2 Titan Flashpoint

As for the weekly reset of September 19, the Destiny 2 Flashpoint event will be taking place on the planet of Titan, as you can see the from the screenshot below. This will last till roughly September 26, when the Destiny 2 weekly Milestone objectives will be reset, and the Flashpoint event will relocate to another planet.

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Destiny 2 Flashpoint Rewards

Every time you complete a Public Event, you'll be given a certain percentage towards completing the Flashpoint Milestone. You'll gain more percentage points towards the Milestone if you manage to complete a Heroic Public Event, and to find out how to activate every single one in Destiny 2, check out our Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events guide.

As for the rewards from completing the Flashpoint Milestone, heading to Cayde-6 after you've completed enough Public Events will earn you a Legendary Engram, which contains either a Legendary or Exotic weapon or armor item. We haven't managed to establish which items appear more often than others, but this is a sure way of earning some of the most powerful gear in Destiny 2.

Just one of the many Flashpoint reward items.

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