Yooka Laylee Galleon Galaxy - Pagie Locations, World 5 Boss Planette, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

All the info you need to find Galleon Galaxy’s collectable items in Yooka Laylee, including all pagies. This guide covers the Nintendo Switch version of Yooka-Laylee.

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In this guide we’ll help you find all the Pagies in Yooka-Laylee’s fifth and final world, Galleon Galaxy. A lot of these are devilishly hard to find and obtain, so follow our walkthrough and you’ll find things a lot easier. We’ve also got locations of the other collectable items, including the Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin and Mollycool. This Yooka-Laylee guide includes the Nintendo Switch version.

If you’re finding Galleon Glaxy a bit of a drag, we’ve got plenty more helpful advice on our Yooka-Laylee guide hub. It’s got collectable guides for all the main areas, plus the hub world and a rundown of special moves.

How to get to World 5/Galleon Galaxy

To access Yooka Laylee's world 5/Galleon Galaxy you’ll first need to talk to Trowzer (found over to the right of the new area in Hivory Towers instead of heading towards Capital Cashino). He’ll give you the flight ability. Fly over the toxic ooze near him and follow it round until you reach a new part of the map. Head up into the pinky area and you’ll see the Grand Tome for Galleon Galaxy.

In order to extend Galleon Galaxy you’ll have to spend 15 Pagies.

Pagie Locations in Galleon Galaxy

Up the Ramp Pagie

Cross the chasm by flying, then roll up the ramp to the right, using Sonar Shield to get through barriers. Once at the top you need to enter the tubular structure and fly up, navigating the maze-like interior until you reach the Pagie. Slam the switch and the Pagie is yours.

Lunar Lockup Pagie

The Pagie in the cell inside Lunar Lockup takes a little bit of work to get to. The three red lights above the cell indicate three switches that need activating.

The first switch, through the blowy door must be tackled by eating cannonballs to get heavy and fire berries. Head into the wind and torch the block. Now slam the switch.

The next switch needs you to eat cannonball berries and some toxic slime. The slime lights your way and the berries let you blast the bricks. Head in and to the left then slam the switch.

The final switch needs you to find the electricity power-up (inside one of the barrels between the cell and the switches) and to eat ice berries. Stand on the pad while electrified then fire into the target.

Now the Pagie is free.

How to Beat Planette, World 5 Boss

First off you'll need to to be the boat. Once you've transformed using Dr Puzz's ray gun, head over to trio of boulders seen in the picture above. Destroy them and you'll see a strange creature. You can talk to it, but you can also just go straight ahead and blow it up. This will trigger the boss battle against Planette! What a clever name! How funny!

Planette has three faces, each needing to be attacked with one of the boat's three weapons. The icy face needs to be shot with the flamethrower, the fire face needs to be shot with ice balls, and the face that throws out hot rocks needs to be be shot with the cannonballs. Target the weapons and you'll take them out fairly easily.

After each phase you'll have to dodge rocks that spew out of a volcano-like top, and eventually Planette will reveal her face. Blast it with cannonballs and soon she'll succumb and you'll have another Pagie.

Collect all the Ghosts Pagie

Find all five ghosts in Galleon Galaxy to earn a Pagie. Head over to our ghost location guide to get all the info you need to find them all.

Collect all the Quills Pagie (after world is expanded)

This one really needs you to stay on the ball throughout your time in the game. To get the 25th and final Pagie in Galleon Galaxy you’ll need to collect every one of the 200 quills in the area. Have fun!

Dr Puzz and the Location of the Mollycool

Head up the ramp as detailed in how to get the first Pagie in this area. The switch you slam brings Dr Puzz to shore. Once you're at the bottom of the tower, fly on the outside of it to the top and you'll reach the Mollycool.

Play Coin Location in Galleon Galaxy

From the start of the area fly up and head towards the massive purple/pink asteroid. As you get closer you'll see Rex's arcade on the right. The Play Coin is on the top level of the rocks leading over to the left. Grab it and you can play Rex's arcade game.

Heart Extender Location in Galleon Galaxy

Fly over to the sphere-like building in the picture above and enter the door on the mid level. This will take you to a room in which you can fly up a shoot. Do this to enter the next room.

This structure is home to a puzzle and a Pagie, but if you continue up once you've got the Pagie you'll find a room with the heart extender in it.

Power Extender Location in Galleon Galaxy

Head up the ramp next to Dr Puzz and then take an immediate right. You'll see a boulder that needs to be blown up using the space ship. Head back to Puzz and turn into the boat. Follow the path round to the boulder and destroy it, then turn back to normal and head through the door.

Once inside the room, fly over to the other side and you'l see a hatch on the right inside the far room. To get past the red barriers you'll need to use your shield and jump throgh. Once you're in a spinning room, fly up and you'll see the power extender on a pole.

If you're yet to mop up the secret items in Capital Cashino, head back there to get the pagies, mollycool, power extender and heart extender.

That's all the key secret items and the world boss beaten on Galleon Galaxy. Now it's time to take on Capital B himself. Good luck!

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