Yooka Laylee Guide Walkthrough - All Pagie Locations, Ghosts, Secrets, Collectables, Boss Battles

Your complete guide to all the collectables in Playtonic’s large 3D platformer, Yooka-Laylee. Plus info on power-ups, special moves, and the different zones (including the Switch version)

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Yooka-Laylee is Playtonic’s throwback to what people refer to as the golden era of 3D platformers. Super Mario 64 had set a new benchmark, and UK-based Rare was knocking out superb takes on the genre in the shape of Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. In keeping with the genre’s history, Yooka-Laylee includes buckets of collectable items that will take players hours and hours to find.

Our Yooka-Laylee Guide will give you detailed instructions on how to get your hands on the game’s collectables across the five worlds and hub. We’ve got locations for Pagies, Ghosts, Power-ups and more, as well as tips to beat the various bosses. This guide covers the brand new Switch version of Yooka Laylee.

Yooka-Laylee Guide Walkthrough and Collectable Locations

Playtonic has created a very large game in Yooka-Laylee. There are five distinct game worlds to explore and a sprawling hub, each containing a bunch of Pagies, items, power-ups, secrets, and ghosts that completists will want to find. To get them all you’ll have to invest days searching high and low, or you could follow our helpful guides.

The following Yooka-Laylee Guide will walk you through each area, pointing out each pagie, play coin, mollycool, ghost, power extender, and butterfly heart collectable. On this hub you’ll find links to each world, from which you can pinpoint what you’re looking for, plus an overview of powerups and where to find all those pesky Ghost Writers.

The collectables in Yooka-Laylee

There are loads of items to collect in Yooka-Laylee. Some are essential to make progress to the end of the game, while others are more for completionists.

  • Quills - There are 200 of these inside each main area, with 10 in the Hivory Towers hub. They are used to purchase special moves from Trowzer, the snake salesman.
  • Pagies - These are the main collectable in the game. There are 25 in each area and 20 in the Hivory Towers hub. They are used to open new areas or extend existing ones. Some pagies require a lot of work to find and collect.
  • Ghosts - There are five ghosts in each area (not the Hivory Towers hub), with one yellow, one red, one green, one blue, and one purple. Some ghosts require a fair amount of finding and more thinking to actually get them. Collect all five from an area and you'll be rewarded with another Pagie.
  • Play Coins - Grab one to unlock Rextro’s arcade game for the area.
  • Mollycools - In each area you’ll find Dr Puzz. She has a ray gun that can transform Yooka and Laylee into another creature of some sort. To activate the ray gun you’ll need to give her the Mollycool for the area.
  • Power Extenders - There is one in each area and collecting will extend the time you can perform abilities (such as rolling)
  • Butterfly Hearts - One in each area. They provide more overall health to Yooka and Laylee.

Yooka-Laylee Tips and Tricks

  • Learn how to Jump During a Roll - The game doesn’t really tell you this, but you can stop moving while holding down roll. When you’re still you can perform more accurate and higher jumps. This is essential for tackling certain areas of the game, such as the battle against Rampo in Tribalstack Tropics.
  • Don’t get Hung up on Certain Areas - Yooka-Laylee is full of areas, and collectables within those areas, that you either can’t access or can’t collect yet. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock new powers and abilities. If it feels like you’re missing an ability, you probably are. Check out our Yooka-Laylee abilities guide for more info.
  • If You’re Really Struggling, Just fly - Spoilers, but at a certain point in the game you’ll gain the ability to fly. Once you have this it’s possible to bypass entire tricky areas and reach your target zone by flying. It kind of ruins the way the game was intended to be played, but the battle for Pagies isn’t a pretty one!
  • Take Your Time - It's easy to get carried away and charge around, but you'll find yourself falling off edges, especially when on ice or rolling. To avoid having to start entire sequences again, take things slowly.
  • Don't Avoid Quills - It's easy to ignore quills, thinking you've already got enough of them, but to 100% the game you'll need to find them all on each level. Finding every quill in an area will give you a Pagie.

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