The Evil Within 2 Guide - Tips to Survive

All the tip and tricks you need in this guide to The Evil Within 2. There are a lot of optional items to collect in The Evil Within 2. We’ve got the locations for all the files, slides, and residual memories so you don’t have to hunt all over for them.

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The Evil Within 2 arrives three years after the original game launched to mixed reception. While some fans believe it to be the greatest horror game of all time, others felt it had awkward controls. It definitely suffered from bad performance, with frame rates tumbling into unplayable territory far more often than is acceptable. That looks to have been sorted in The Evil Within 2, so you can focus on playing. We’ve got a The Evil Within 2 guide for you, full of useful info so you can get the most out of your time playing.

The Evil Within 2 Guide

The Evil Wthin 2 Tips and Tricks to Survive

  • Use the Communicator to Find Things - While the communicator can be used to find Resonance Points, it’s also useful for finding supplies such as ammo, medical syringes and craft items. These are all essential if you’re playing on higher difficulties.
  • Collectibles Flesh out the Story - The Evil Within 2 tells the tale of Sebastian’s latest unfortunate adventure, but you can get a lot more detail on what’s going on by picking up and finding the collectible items, such as the files, slides, and residual memories.
  • Give Locker Keys to Tania - By finding locker keys and giving them to Tania, you’ll get hold of some extra resources.
  • Fighting Isn’t Always the Answer - Some areas in The Evil Within 2 are large, and while it might seem like guns are the only way out, you can often sneak around to avoid enemies completely - or at least get the drop to perform instant stealth kills.
  • Guns Don’t Kill Monsters, Traps Do - Well, guns also work, but if you can use a trap, such as setting alight a pool of oil, you can take out numerous foes with far less ammo.
  • Run for Your Life - If you fail to use stealth to sneak through an area and find yourself in the open and facing numerous enemies, it’s OK to just run. Find a house and shut the door for a breather.
  • You can Craft Anywhere - Crafting is best done on a workbench as it uses fewer resources, but if you need something immediately you can do it there and then to get out of a tricky situation.
  • Melee Boxes - It’s a tried and tested way to get extra resources, and thankfully boxes in The Evil Within 2 often contain resources. Use your melee attack to break them open. Don’t use valuable ammo.
  • Easy Mode is Still fun - The easiest difficulty setting in The Evil Within 2 offers a very mild challenge so you can work your way through the game, enjoy the scares, but not hit a brick wall of difficulty.

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