Welcome to Eorzea!

Article by Pete Davison, .

Final Fantasy XIV's second incarnation is here at last and so, brave adventurers that we are here at USgamer, we thought this newly reborn realm was worth some in-depth exploration.

If you've not yet encountered one of our LiveTopics here on USgamer, here's how it works. Over the course of the next few days, we'll be posting a selection of new content all related to Final Fantasy XIV, and it'll be all collected within the LiveTopic. There'll be anecdotal accounts of our experiences; some hints and tips for those of you starting your journey into the world of MMORPGs with FFXIV; images and videos of interesting people, places and happenings around the world of Eorzea; and, assuming we can get it working, there might even be some livestreaming gameplay, too.

I'll be leading the charge into battle, but Mike and Jeremy will both be joining me, too -- and we might even be able to persuade some of the others to come along on our grand journey if we can drag them away from Hearthstone for a few minutes. For those of you who want to play alongside us, we'll be calling the Ultros server home; my character name is Amarysse Jerhynsson and Mike's is Zen Stormbreak, so feel free to say hello if you see us around town or out and about in the wilds.

You lot can get involved, too. Post any questions, comments and things you'd like to find out more about in the discussion box over there on the right, and if something comes up that merits further exploration we'll incorporate it into the LiveTopic -- along with any particularly noteworthy tales of derring-do you feel inclined to share with us, of course.

But enough talk! It's time to begin our journey. See you in Eorzea.

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