Persona 5 - How to Beat Shadow Madarame

The Dungeons in Persona 5 present a significant challenge to the Phantom Thieves, combing elements of stealth and exploration with brutal combat.

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Just as the Phantom Thieves think they're in the clear with the prize posession of Madarame, the villain himself appears, revealing that the group instead have a decoy. The final battle of the Museum Palace Dungeon will now take place, during which Madarame switches between two different forms.

In this guide we'll walk you through the easiest ways to bring an end to Shadow Madarame, and subsequently cause the Madarame in the real world to have an abrupt change of heart.

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The first form sees Madarame change into a painting, with one different painting representing each of his eyes, his nose, and his mouth. Focus on the nose first with physical attacks, and then go after each of the eyes also with physical attacks, leaving the mouth until last. While the eyes and nose paintings are invulnerable to elemental attacks, the mouth painting should be attacked using only elemental attacks, as physical attacks will actually cause it to heal instead.

Once each of these paintings has been taken down, the real Madarame will appear, in a significantly weaker form. Attack Madarame using your strongest physical attacks, all the while making sure the Phantom Thieves maintain a good level of health. After a few rounds of attacks in this form, Madarame will transform back into the paintings, although they start with worse health than before.

Keep chipping away with the recommended methods in each of these forms, and Madarame shouldn't pose too great a challenge to the Phantom Thieves, however it should be noted that it the nose painting starts twitching, either take it out straight away if possible, or put every member of the party into guard mode. Either way, Shadow Madarame should go down in virtually no time at all using these tactics.

If the fight ends up getting dragged out through Madarame continually switching forms, the group will have the option to use his own black paint against him. Similar to the fight against King Kamoshida, you can choose to send off one person from the Phantom Thieves to paint over Madarame in his individual paintings form, which will take two full turns to come around. Once this is done, Madarame is left vulnerable to all types of damage, so you can finish off this form in no time at all.

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Finishing the fight against Shadow Kamoshida will cause both Yusuke to join the Phantom Thieves on a permanent basis, and the Madarame in the real world to have a change of heart.

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