Call of Duty: WW2 Mementos - All CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Here's everything you need to know about the single player campaign of Call of Duty: WW2, including the collectable CoD WW2 Mementos.

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During the Call of Duty: WW2 single player campaign, you'll have the opportunity to collect various war Mementos, as you and your squad make your way from the beaches of Normandy, all the way to Germany. In this Call of Duty WW2 Mementos guide, we'll be running over the location of every collectible Memento in the game.

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Call of Duty: WW2 Mementos Location Guide

Just below, you can see an example of a collectible Memento in the campaign of Call of Duty: WW2. They can be found virtually anywhere across the entire campaign, and there's 33 to collect in total, but using this guide, we'll reveal the exact location of every Memento in the game.

D-Day CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #1 - Nazi Knife: You can find this collectible Call of Duty: WW2 Memento after you've breached the Seawall, and entered the trenches. As you can see just below, the knife can be found in a fairly open area of the trenches, just before you're prompted to exit them.

Memento #2 - Compass: Right after you've successfully cleared the third bunker, the game will force you to backtrack, but before you head into the fourth bunker, turn to the left, and walk down the trench ahead of you. A door that was previously closed will now be open, and inside the supply room, there'll be the collectible compass on a box.

Memento #3 - Pathfinder Patch: Straight after you've destroyed the artillery, check the barn right behind the remains of the artillery. In there, at the end of the barn, you can find the Pathfinder Patch.

Operation Cobra CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #4 - Lighter: At the start of the mission, when you're prompted to mount the tank, turn instead to the right, where you'll see two soldiers having a conservation. Just to the left of them, on a barrel, is the lighter Memento.

Memento #5 - Pocket Watch - Just before the actual opening with the AA gun, you'll find a small wooden hut on the left side of the map. Head in here, and you can find the collectible Pocket Watch Memento on a shelf.

Memento #6 - Gas Mask: When you're prompted to get behind a tank and follow it, stand behind the tank on the very right, and follow it until it destroys the bunker on the right side of the map. In the remains of the bunker, you'll find the collectible Gas Mask Memento on a corpse.

Stronghold CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #7 - Locket: This is actually the first collectible Memento you'll come across, despite it being the second Memento in list order. In the derelict house occupied by Nazis right in front of you at the beginning of the mission, the Locket can be found upstairs. Head up the stairs at the back of the house, face the child's bedroom, and turn left, where the Locket can be found on a wall.

Memento #8 - SS Pin: Once you're inside the church, face the ammo box, and turn to the right. The SS Pin can be found in a small alcove on the wall to the right of the ammo box.

Memento #9 - Fuel Canister: Once you're out of the church, you'll have to defend the point against waves of Nazi troops. Head to the right of the zone, where the enemies are coming up into your base area, and walk forward to find the small green fuel canister on the ground to the right of you.

S.O.E. CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #10 - White Rose Poster: At the start of the mission, as soon as you're through the first house, turn to the left. There'll be a poster in the vase that you can collect.

Memento #11 - Dog Collar: Shortly after the first Memento, you'll find yourself in a second house, with burning rubble outside. Go to the end of the house, and then check to the left to find the Dog Collar on top of a piano.

Memento #12 - Rocket Blueprint: After you've made it through the burning train, you'll come to a grassy area that's left untouched by the fire, and you can make it up a small hill to where a dog attacks you. However, going up the hill will end the mission, so before you do this, check to the right side of the grassy area, where you'll find the collectible Memento on top of a box.

Liberation CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #13 - Propaganda Poster: At the very start of the mission, after going through passport control, go straight ahead in the welcome hall to reach a grey door next to the window leading into the toilets. The Memento can be found in front of a toilet, in the restroom itself.

Memento #14 - Liquor Bottle: After placing the explosives, turn around and find the door on your right, which will be locked. Pick the lock, head all the way upstairs, and thr Memento can be found in the first room that you come to.

Memento #15 - German Medal: After you've crossed the large bridge with barbed wire blockades, look for the German Medal Memento on a box just head of you.

Collateral Damage CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #16 - Music Sheet: After the tank section, you'll find yourself in a narrow street, and you should turn left on the first corner of the street. There, you'll find the collectible Music Sheet Memento paper on a cupboard.

Memento #17 - Cigarette Box: When you reach a house with a Heroic Action opportunity (a soldier is about to be shot by a Nazi), you'll find yourself in the living room, with two big holes that you can walk through. Go through the hole, up the rubble to reach higher ground, turn around, and claim the Memento by the fireplace.

Memento #18 - Hotel Pen: After you've blown up the hotel wall, go inside and head into the room on the right, where you can find the Memento underneath a desk.

Death Factory CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #19 - German Flare Gun: Once you reach the area with a sniper and a few trucks parked in the woods, you can find the Memento behind the truck on the right.

Memento #20 - Food Container: While you're in the foggy woods, you'll see a dead pilot hanging from his parachute. Check inside the crashed plane nearby to retrieve the collectible Memento.

Memento #21 - US Army Rations: Straight after the eliminate the sniper, turn around from where you're standing, and walk to the left of the stairs. There, on a chair, you'll find the Memento.

Hill 493 CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #22 - Journal: After you've blown up the bunker, check the surrounding area for a corpse next to a tree stump. The piece of paper next to the tree stump is the actual Memento.

Memento #23 - Pipe: This Memento can be found to the right of the first set of artillery you have to destroy.

Memento #24 - Bill Fold: Before you're prompted to plant the thermite charge on the tank, look for a destroyed bunker at the very end of the area. On the window of the ruined bunker is the collectible Bill Fold Memento.

Battle of the Bulge CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #25 - Camera: At the very start of the mission, look to the right to see three soldiers huddled around. The Camera Memento can be found just to the right of them.

Memento #26 - Comic Book: To the right of the spot where you have to place the ammo box, the Comic Book Memento can be found lying on the ground.

Memento #27 - US Metal Wings: When you're given the objective to defend the line from enemies, you can find a small green tent up a hill. Check behind the tent, where you'll find a Medkit and the Memento.

Ambush CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #28 - Magazine: During the stealth section, go into the second building on the right, after you pass through the fence. On a box in this house, you can find the Memento.

Memento #29 - Silver Flask: After defending Pierson from the snipers, jump down to the roof, and you'll see a red building in front of you. You can find the Memento in this building, near a set of beds.

Memento #30 - German Wings Medal: Just as you enter the tower where you're meant to provide overwatch for Pierson, you can find the Memento to the right on a box, on the ground floor.

The Rhine CoD WW2 Memento Locations

Memento #31 - Letter: After going up the second set of stairs, you'll enter the first tower. You can find this Memento on the ground in the middle of a room, with a dying enemy soldier nearby.

Memento #32 - German Canteen: In the second tower that you enter, you'll go up the first set of stairs, where you can find the Memento on a table in the room.

Memento #33 - Beer Stein: This collectible Memento can be found in virtually the same location as the previous one. This time, the final Memento in the game can be found at the very top of the second tower that you enter.

This brings to a close to the Mementos guide for Call of Duty: WW2. After you've found all 33 Mementos throughout the single player campaign, you'll unlock the Pieces of History achievement/trophy.

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