Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide - All 14 Weapon Types Explained

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In this Monster Hunter World weapons guide, we'll be running through all fourteen types of weapons that you can hope to come across in the main game, when it eventually releases early in 2018 for the PS4 and Xbox One, and later on in the year for PC. If you want to know about all the weapons in Monster Hunter World, this is the only guide you need.

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Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

As we stated above, and as Capcom revealed earlier this year, there will be a total of fourteen weapon types for players to switch between in Monster Hunter World. We'll be running down each of these weapon types just below, but bear in mind that unlike previous entries in the Monster Hunter series, players can now switch between weapons in the middle of a mission, meaning you're not bound to one weapon for an extended amount of time.

Monster Hunter World Bow Weapon:

As you can see in the video just below from Capcom, the Bow is the fairly standard ranged weapon in Monster Hunter World. The Bow can be charged up over roughly two seconds to unleash a more powerful attack, and Hunters can also coat arrows with special poisons to inflict status ailments on any monsters they encounter, which look like they take merely a split second to apply to the weapon.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade Weapons:

The Charge Blade can take on one of two forms at any time in Monster Hunter World. It can either be a sword and shield combo, or it can take the form of a high-powered great axe. Energy in the sword and shield combo can be unleashed in the axe form of the Charge Blade, and it also looks like the axe form has an extended reach, able to reach enemy monsters from a good few meters away.

Monster Hunter World Dual Blades Weapons:

The Dual Blades weapons are incredible quick, and are able to overwhelm monsters with a flurry of attacks. In the Demon Mode, Hunters can unleash an all-out assault on a monsters, barraging a beast with a series of attacks that will leave the monster stunned. The Dual Blades certainly look set to be one of, if not the, quickest weapon available to Hunters in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Great Sword Weapon:

The Great Sword might be one of the heaviest weapons in Monster Hunter World, but what it lacks in speed it more than makes up for in sheer attack power. Hunters are able to charge up the Great Sword with Charged Slashes, unleashing a series of attacks that can leave monster stunned.

Monster Hunter World Gunlance Weapon:

The Gunlance in Monster Hunter World allows Hunters to either jab enemies at close range with a blade, or fire a volley of powerful shells at monsters from range. The barrages can keep opposing monsters at bay, but you can also equip a shield with the Gunlance, meaning you don't have to sacrifice offensive capabilities for your defense.

Monster Hunter World Hammer Weapon:

Monster Hunter World's Hammer does exactly what it says on the tin, able to smash monsters with pure blunt force at fairly close range. A charged up attack from the Hammer can instantly stun monsters, allowing you to land in multiple hits while the monster is down and out of the fight.

Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun Weapon:

Not entirely unlike the Gunlance, the Heavy Bowgun of Monster Hunter World lets you damage monster from afar with a huge barrage of powerful shells. The special Wyvernsnipe and Wyvernheart ammo types are available to Hunters with the Heavy Bowgun, but unlike the Gunlance, you can't equip a shield along with this weapon.

Monster Hunter World Hunting Horn Weapon:

The Hunting Horn weapon is primarily a support-based weapon in Monster Hunter World, able to buff fellow party members with melodies, as well as being able to reach and deal damage to monsters of all shapes and sizes from a fairly decent range.

Monster Hunter World Insect Glaive Weapon:

The Insect Glaive weapon is your primary aerial-based weapon, allowing Hunters to jump above and around monsters to effectively attack from all angles. The Kinsect that the weapon can deploy can harvest extract from monsters, in order to provide various boosts for the Hunter using the weapon.

Monster Hunter World Lance Weapon:

The Lance is one of the best balanced weapons in Monster Hunter World, able to deal out consistent damage to monsters from a decent range with jab attacks, as well as allowing Hunters to equip a shield at the same time for a nice defensive boost. You can also move around while keeping your shield raised, meaning you never have to let your guard down while facing off against a monster.

Monster Hunter World Light Bowgun Weapon:

The cousin of the Heavy Bowgun weapon, the Light Bowgun trades offensive power for the ability for the Hunter to move rapidly around the field of combat, firing off shells at a rapid rate. Special ammo like Wyvernblast can come in handy when you want to take a more supportive role to your team of Hunters.

Monster Hunter World Long Sword Weapon:

Undoubtedly one of the more nimble weapons in Monster Hunter World, the Long Sword is able to strike foes from a decent range, while holding up extended combo attacks. The Long Sword has a special ability called the Spirit Blade, which has the ability to raise the attack power of the Hunter who uses it.

Monster Hunter World Switch Axe Weapon:

Like the Charge Blade weapon, the Switch Axe can change between a long-reaching axe or a swift sword for the Hunter to utilise. The sword version of the weapon has the Elemental Discharge ability which, once charged up over the course of a second or two, can deal massive amounts of damage to any monsters caught in the blast.

Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield Weapon:

Perhaps the most basic weapon in the arsenal of the Hunter in Monster Hunter World, the Sword and Shield combo allows for the Hunters to zip around the battlefield, striking monsters quickly and then backing off. Hunters can also use items while having the sword drawn, meaning you're not left entirely vulnerable while healing.

There you have it, a complete Monster Hunter World weapons guide detailing all fourteen types of weapons in the game, and how each and every one of them can work to your advantage.

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