Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete A Better Beginning Mission, Landing on Eos

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Ryder and his squad head to Eos to see if the planet can be colonized. Things get dangerous and our guides start to get tasty.

This mission is the first truly large one in Mass Effect Andromeda. It'll take hours to complete and spans a large area above and below the surface of Eos. We'll walk you through what's needed to complete each stage of the mission so you never get stuck - although some of the latter enemy encounters do start to pose a challenge.

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Landing on Eos and Getting the Power on

Head to the Hyperion to speak with SAM - SAM being the AI implant that the game's initial Pathfinder (your character's dad) created. After talking to him, he'll tell you how he's unable to recall certain parts of his memory. The Ryder Family Secrets mission is unlocked. That's for another time, though, with the mission on Eos being the main priority.

As Pathfinder you've been tasked with finding a way to settle on Eos, the only planet in range. Director Tann has committed resources for a last ditch effort, including ship and support team. Go to your ship, the mighty impressive Tempest, and complete the numerous conversations before heading to the bridge and taking off.

To actually go to Eos you'll need to use the Galaxy Map in the bridge. Navigate to Eos in the Pytheas system, then activate the planet scanner. Scroll around the planet until you find the landing zone, then confirm you wish to disembark the Tempest. On doing so you'll be shown a loadout screen from which you can finalise your weapons, armor, mods, and team mates.

Eos is the game's first big planet to explore

Once you've landed on Eos you'll need to search Site 1's main control building. Head to the marker up the path to find the building. The door is locked and needs a code. This is found in a datapad in the building to the left of the massive circular structure. Once you've got it, head back to the locked door and gain access.

Power is out and must be restored. Go through the door to the left and follow the path to a console in the far room. Activate it and then head outside to the power relay station, found behind the parked Tempest. The door to the power relay station doesn't work, so head round the back and up the stairs. Use the terminal to trigger a conversation with an unexpected inhabitant.

Clancy, said unexpected inhabitant, will agree to turn on the generators if Ryder agrees to handle any Kett that will be alerted. Head back down the stairs and start the generator. Scan the pylon next door, then jet up to the top and activate it. Then head back down to where the Tempest is parked and activate the second pylon.

On activation of the second pylon a handful of Kett will be brought in on a ship. They are easy to take out and there's plenty of cover around if you want to play safe. Once you've dealt with them go back up the stars and open the door. This will trigger a conversation with Clancy where he tells you that the Tempest won't be able to fly in the strong winds, and that to get about you'll have to find the vehicle that's in storage. Restore power to Site 1 using the terminal near the window and then go looking for the vehicle.

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We hope you're enjoying these guides. If not, please direct your complaints to SAM. Just talk and it'll be listening. Oh, you don't have a SAM? Never mind.

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