Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete A Better Beginning Mission, Third Monolith

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With the third monolith in sight you've almost seen what the three will trigger when activated. It's pretty cool, so read on to find out how to venture further into Eos.

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Once the Kett are defeated it's time to climb back into the Nomad and head to the third and final Remnant Monolith. Drive back along the path and down the hill, then follow the path until you reach a fork. Take the right path and follow that road until you reach the Remnant structures. Keep right and you'll drive straight into the main structure. Park your Nomad within the safe zone and then take on the Kett.

This is a pretty big fight, with more Kett coming in from a dropship. Don't get too gung ho and find yourself exposed in the open as with enemies firing from multiple directions you'll be toast. Move from cover to cover and gradually wipe them out.

Next up you'll need to turn off three generators that are powering a force field preventing access to the main building. There's one on each of the gangways leading around the main building, plus one a little more hidden over the other side. You can jet boost up onto the roof and then jump down to deactivate it.

Now you can enter the main building. You're briefly introduced to a new character, Drack the Krogan, and then it's time to activate the final Remnant monolith. Head down the ramp and you'll see the Remnant structures around the monolith.

Head out here to find the glyph

Once again you'll need to interface with a Remnant console, and to do so you'll have to scan the area for two glyphs. One is easily accessible via a series of Remnant platforms, and the other needs you to venture out of the safe zone briefly, onto a platform and then up. Walk along the platform and back into the safe zone and the glyph is waiting for you to scan. There's no Remnant puzzle to solve this time, thankfully, so interact with the console to trigger the next part of the mission.

Head here to find the game's first vault

The three monoliths triangulate a point in a lake nearby. Drive the nomad over there, taking out any Kett camps you encounter on the way. The Nomad can handle a pretty direct path so go straight to the marker on your map. There's an alien console to interface with, and doing so results in buildings rising from the lake in dramatic sci-fi movie fashion. A bridge forms as you move across it, taking you to a mysterious vault entrance.

Next up is the Eos vault itself. We've got loads of other Mass Effect Andromeda tips for you, including solving Remnant Puzzles and understanding viability.

The vault coming up looks really cool, so just take in the view before heading inside.

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