Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - First Vault on Eos, How to Complete A Better Beginning Mission

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

Guide by Tom Orry, .

Going Down Into the Vault is one of Andromeda's first really cool moments. The vault itself isn't as exciting, but we've got all the info you need to get through it in this Mass Effect Andromeda guide.

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After a brief cutscene you're given the option to jump down the hole that's opened up. Think fast as you don't have long to decide if you want to do it or not. Doing so does no harm. Once you've landed it's time to explore the Remnant vault.

Activate the console behind you and then head to the large doors. Scan the object inside and then open the next door. You'll split up, with Peebee going her own way, leaving you to follow the conduit into the vault. A neat looking floating structure stands before you, but it's electrified so don't touch! We tried and it didn't feel good at all. Keep walking and you'll come to a cavernous room with a console at the front. Interfacing with it will raise up two blast shields which aren't needed.

Make your way towards the marker by carefully jumping on the platforms immersed in the liquid. A group of Remnant are patrolling and will engage as soon as they've scanned you. Take them out and then move onwards following the conduit with your scanner.

You'll encounter another group of Remnant, but they are easy to deal with as long as you don't allow them to get on top of you or lose sense of where you are and walk into some toxic liquid. Once the Remnant are cleared carry on towards the marker until you trigger a small conversation with Peebee. After this head through the large door up on the right.

Follow this through to a large room and take out the Remnant. Notice the gun turret up to the right. On our first play through we took out all the enemies but didn't destroy this turret, which caused a problem later on as it blocked access to the console below. To avoid this destroy the turret before all enemies have been taken care of. With the room clear you can interface with the two terminals on either side of the room.

A gravity well can be activated in the centre of the room, taking you down to a large room even deeper into the structure. The alien console down here that controls the large door is broken. Bummer! Wander around for a bit and Peebee will shout down from the platform above. She'll send some data to your omni tool that will allow you to repair the conduit flow. Now interface with the console to power the door.

Head through the door and interface with the console directly in front of you. A number of pillars will form allowing you to jump across. Interact with the console next to the giant plant and more pillars will emerge. Use them to cross to the other side. Fight through more Remnant and then interface with the console. This will build a path across the chasm. You'll need to backtrack now, to the platform that has the large plant on it. Once here interface with the console to build pillars on the other side. Use them to cross to the next platform. If you lose your bearings just check to make sure you're moving towards the orange marker.

Head towards this tree

There's a door on the platform that can't be used yet. Interface with the console to build some pillars. This will trigger a wave of Remnant, so take these out and then carry on towards the marker and the next platform that's got a massive plant on it. Use the console to activate one of those cool 'build as you walk' bridges and head over and through the door.

You've finally reached your target. Interface with the console in this cool looking room and you'll trigger a cutscene. Things don't go all that well and you'll soon be running to escape the vault. Just keep away from exploding floor panels and move towards the markers. You'll have to open some doors and operate a console to activate a bridge, but generally just keep running.

Next up is adding Peebee and Drack to your team and building an outpost. We've also got loads of other Mass Effect Andromeda tips for you, including solving Remnant Puzzles and understanding viability.

Well done for finishing the game's first vault. Good job space cadet!

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