Mass Effect Andromeda - Research Points, Crafting Items, Scanning, Mining, Blueprints - Essentials for Making Guns and Armor

All you need to know about Andromeda's mining and crafting system, including where to find certain materials. Best planets for finding rare minerals. Complete guide.

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While there's a lot of shooting aliens in Mass Effect Andromeda, you're going to want to do some research too. This will enable you to craft new weapons, armor, augmentations, Nomad upgrades, and more. It's not quite as exciting as taking on the Kett, with biotic and tech abilities being thrown around all over the place, or romancing all your crew members on the Tempest, but it's an essential part of the game. In this guide we'll cover Mass Effect Andromeda Research Points, Scanning, Mining, Crafting and Mass Effect Andromeda Blueprints.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Research Data Types

Research data in Mass Effect Andromeda is split into three categories:

  • Milky Way Research Data - Data related to the colonists and their equipment
  • Heleus Research Data - Data related to the races discovered in Andromeda
  • Remnant Research Data - Data related to the mysterious abandoned technology

Mass Effect Andromeda Scanning

This is the simple part. Equip your scanner by pressing down on the d-pad. The device projects a beam into the environment, with this turning orange when and an object or lifeform is potentially scannable.

If you scan a new lifeform or tech you'll earn research data for one of the categories, which can then be used to build blueprints.

Mass Effect Andromeda Blueprints

To build a blueprint use the Research Center and choose the Research option. From here you can see which blueprints you have the required data for - you can scroll through the choices for each data type. Most items have numerous levels to them, so you can only create the blueprint for an item you already have the previous blueprint for (and there's often a character level requirement too).

Mass Effect Andromeda Crafting

Once you have a blueprint you can use the Development screen from the Research Center to craft weapons, armor, and Nomad upgrades, providing you have the required materials. Some of these materials are common while others are extremely rare.

If you have blueprints for any augmentations you can apply these to items you're crafting in order to give buffs to their stats. Augments you've researched can also be found while exploring.

Mining for Materials in Mass Effect Andromeda

There are various ways to mine for materials in Mass Effect Andromeda. Mineral Nodes are thes simplest to mine, with the small deposits being harvestable by Ryder's omni-tool.

Mining Zones are a lot richer in terms of yield, but require the Nomad. When you establish a forward station all mining zones in the local area will be added to the world map. To mine these areas drive the Nomad in and then hit R1. This will deploy a mining drone. You can see which minerals are in the area by activating your mining computer with a press of right on the d-pad.

It's also possible to earn a regular amount of crafting meterials through the use of certain Cryo Pods.

Scanning Planets to Gain Minerals, Resources and XP

When you're using the Galaxy Map and are in System or Orbit view you'll often hear Suvi tell you that an anomaly has been detected. If so, hold down L2/LT to use the scanner, then follow the on-screen arrow to locate the anomaly. Once you've found it, hit R2/RT to launch a probe. This will usually result in earning some minerals, research data, or XP. If you want to collect everything, simply hop from planetary system to system, visiting each planet and performing a scan. Simple!

Read on for a guide to where you can find each crafting material and how rare they are. We've also got a look at how to solve Remnant Puzzles, a guide to AVP and Cryo Pods, and mission walkthroughs. If you're in the mood for some fun you could do worse than look at our guide to romancing characters in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Crafting is key to getting new weapons and armor in Mass Effect Andromeda. Just remember to keep scanning things to earn research data.

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