Assassin's Creed Origins Guide - Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks, How to Earn Money and Level Up Quickly

The Brotherhood of Assassins is headed to Egypt in Assassin's Creed Origins, and we've got all the advice you need for as smooth a journey possible in this guide.

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Assassin's Creed Origins marks the return of the historical franchise after a year off, and this time, the action is taking place in Egypt, far before any of the previous games in the series. In this comprehensive Assassin's Creed Origins guide hub, we'll be taking you through all the tips and tricks you need to know to get to grips with the game, as well as a general Assassin's Creed Origins beginner's guide, just in case it's your first time giving the Assassin's Creed series a spin.

Assassin's Creed Origins is also quite possibly the largest game in the series to date, going by pure scale and size. Not only is the map of Ancient Egypt fairly colossal, but Ubisoft have implemented a ton of changes to the way that combat works in Assassin's Creed Origins. We'll be passing on all the information we've gathered together from our own experiences with the game, which you can find in all the guides listed just below.

Assassin's Creed Origins Guide

First of all, you can find all our more detailed Assassin's Creed Origins guides just below. These are aimed at delving deep into all the collectibles you can obtain through the game, as although there aren't nearly as many as past Assassin's Creed games, there are still some unique points of interest scattered around the vast map.

Just a few of Bayek's revenge targets.

Assassin's Creed Origins Beginner's Guide

Now for our more basic of guides, the Assassin's Creed Origins beginner's guide. In this section of our guide, we'll be breaking down all the core mechanics of the game, as well as detailing all the significant changes from past games, as there's a lot to catch even the most experienced players up on.

First of all, combat has undergone significant changes. The Assassin's Creed Origins combat functions more akin to the likes of The Witcher 3, as instead of countering an enemy move and instantly killing them like you would in past Assassin's Creed games, this time it's all about dodging and weaving your way through the battlefield. Whenever you're in combat with an enemy, their blade will flash a dark orange whenever they attempt to strike you, and this is your indicator to dodge either sideways or backwards out of their reach. From here, you can press the attack with either a light attack on the right shoulder button, or a heavy attack on the right trigger.

There are plenty of Tombs to explore off the beaten path.

Speaking of heavy attacks, you're going to encounter a lot of shield-bearing enemies in Assassin's Creed Origins, and your window for harming them is incredibly small. Your options are limited to either dodging behind them when you see their blade flash, just like every other enemy, or by performing a heavy attack on them. The heavy attacks in Assassin's Creed Origins will stagger almost every enemy, and if an enemy has their shield up against you, they can be used to temporarily knock the shield aside, leaving the enemy open to few quick attacks.

As we previously mentioned, there aren't nearly as many collectibles in Assassin's Creed Origins are there were in past games. Nevertheless, there are Stone Circles scattered all around the vast map of Egypt, and finding and activating one of these will let you match up a pattern with the star constellations in the sky, as well as hearing some dialogue between protagonist Bayek and his son. Consult our Assassin's Creed Origins Stone Circles guide above for a full walkthrough of the location of every Stone Circle around Egypt.

Quest investigation areas feature heavily in Assassin's Creed Origins.

On top of the main quest that sees Bayek seeking revenge against the Order of the Ancients, there are a litany of side quests out in the open world for you to take on. However, there's also a brand new levelling system to contend with, and you can level Bayek up through earning XP on main quests, side quests, Stone Circles, and Tombs. If you ever find that a main quest is a little too difficult for you, you should undertake lower level side quests around the map, and build Bayek's overall level up.

Be warned that after a certain point in Assassin's Creed Origins, the game gets significantly tougher. The areas of Siwa and Lake Mareotis are the warmup areas, and after that, the Order of the Ancients will send powerful Phylakes (ancient bounty hunters) after Bayek. There's generally one Phylakes per every region on the map, but don't worry, you'll always receive a warning whenever a Phylakes is nearby. For more on the Phylakes, check out our complete guide to taking down the Phylakes, at the top of the page.

Assassin's Creed Origins Tips and Tricks Guide

Since we've got all the major changes that have been made to Assassin's Creed Origins out of the way, we can now delve into the core mechanics of the game in greater detail, in our Assassin's Creed Origins tips and tricks guide. Just below, we'll be outlining some of general information you should be aware of when roaming around Egypt.

  • Unlike previous Assassin's Creed games, you'll need to unlock the map of Assassin's Creed Origins one step at a time. Each section of the map is divided into areas of lesser and greater difficulty, and if you hover just over them, you can see the minimum recommended level for Bayek in each of them.
  • Once you've discovered a region, you'll then have a litany of question marks on the map, denoting areas of interest that you're yet to uncover. These could be anything, from Stone Circles to Tombs, or farms and villages.
  • We should note that if a question marker is glowing gold slightly on the map, then this denotes an area of particular interest. It'll likely be either a Tomb, Stone Circle, or a powerful enemy camp.
  • Whenever you're in an enemy location, such as a camp or fort, press in the left analog stick to view the location objectives. If you complete all of these (usually killing the Captain, or discovering the nearby treasure), you'll bag yourself some XP.
  • If you want to survey your current surroundings, press up on the D-pad to activate the Animus Scan, which will pick up items that you can loot nearby.
  • In Assassin's Creed Origins, Eagle Vision has been replaced with vision from a literal eagle. Bayek's eagle, Senu, patrols the sky at all times, and you can survey the nearby landscape by holding up on the D-pad. Senu will pick out various animals, enemies, and quest objectives for you.
  • You can level up Bayek by undertaking virtually any action, such as assassinating an enemy, discovering a new location, completing a locations objectives, or completing a quest.
  • Always be wary about the level indicator above the head of an enemy. If it's red, then you should probably start running in the opposite direction.
See those hippos? You can kill them.

That's all for our Assassin's Creed Origins guides for now, but rest assured that we'll be uncovering additional hidden information surrounding this massive game, and we'll be adding anything new we discover to this guide straight away.

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