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The full Madden 18 player rankings are here, and we've highlighted all the best players at each and every position.

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We've got the full Madden 18 player ratings right here for you, so you can begin assessing which players are the best at their positions across the field, right in time for when Madden 18 releases at the end of August.

If you need any other information on the game whatsoever, head over to our Madden 18 everything we know guide, where you can find all the info you need on the release date, new features, and brand new story mode of Madden 18.

Madden 18 Player Ratings Guide

This Madden 18 Player Ratings guide hub will act as a source of knowledge not just on Madden 18 player ratings, but also on the game in general. This guide will contain information on the best Madden 18 players, as well as providing information on the best teams heading into Madden 18's release in later August.

Individual matchups are key in Madden 18.

Once the game eventually releases worldwide on August 25, we'll have a wealth of Madden 18 guides right here on USgamer. This includes the aforementioned player ratings and overall team rankings, but we'll also have strategy guides for utilising team playbooks in the best way possible. Certain playbooks have stood head and shoulders above the rest in past iterations of Madden, and so we'll be pointing out which ones you should head straight to in Madden 18.

As for the official player ratings for Madden 18, use each of the links just below to reach the desired positional rankings page.

Madden 18 Best Starting Lineup

Here's the most ideal lineup we could come up with, on the offensive side of the ball. Madden 18 is rife with dominating receivers and agile quarterbacks, although it is arguably lacking in a variety of solid tight ends.

  • QB: Tom Brady - With 5 Super Bowl rings behind him, there's no doubt that Tom Brady is just about the best QB in the NFL right now. You might opt for Aaron Rodgers if you prefer a slightly more nimble QB, Brady is second to none for pure accuray and power.
  • HB: Le'Veon Bell - Right now, Le'Veon Bell has to be the number 1 running back in Madden 18, combining power and trucking ability with precision and agility. This may of course change once Marshawn Lynch's ratings are eventually revealed, but right now Le'Veon Bell is the no-brainer.
  • WR 1: Julio Jones - WR 1 typically requires a bigger, stronger receiver, able to go up and get contested balls midair with defenders all around. Julio Jones fits this mould perfectly, ticking every box on the list, and provinding a more physical option than the likes of Antonio Brown.
  • WR 2: Antonio Brown - Brown is the logical option here, boasting a terrific speed rating with solid catching abilities. Brown and Julio Jones are honestly fairly interchangeable in these roles, but we'd prefer Antonio Brown as WR 2 mainly due to his superior agility.
  • WR 3: Odell Beckham Jr. - For the slot receiver role, Beckham fits perfectly, able to quickly cut past defenders while also boasting some insane catching skills. Again, Antonio Brown could easily fit into the WR 3 role, but Beckham is preferable due to his slightly superior acceleration.
  • TE: Rob Gronkowski - Because who else were we going to choose for the number 1 tight end in the league right now. Gronkowski is second to none at the TE position, able to catch virtually any ball thrown in his direction, while also putting up a solid fight when needing to block.

Now for the defensive side of the field. Defense can win games, as the saying goes, and this is undoubtedly true in Madden 18, as EA has been putting more of a focus on the defense for a number of years now with each new iteration of the game.

  • CB 1: Aqid Talib - Just as he is in real life, Talib might be the best cornerback in the game right now, boasting some impressive ballhawking intangibles, while able to keep pace with the majority of receivers in the game.
  • CB 2: Chris Harris Jr. - From one Bronco cornerback to another, Chris Harris Jr. makes the perfect sidekick for Talib. Harris is quicker on his feet, and so it'd make more sense to have him covering the slot receiver on the inside of the field.
  • CB 3: Patrick Peterson - Peterson gets the nod here due to his impressive speed, but we could honestly change him up for either Joshn Norman or Richard Sherman, both of which are equally good cornerbacks as Peterson.
  • FS: Earl Thomas III - There's no competition here, as Earl Thomas has it all no matter the occasion. He can cover vast distances on the field in relatively little time, and his tackling abilities among free safeties are second to none.
  • SS: Kam Chancellor - 'Killer Kam' as he's sometimes known can cause a headache for any offensive player, mainly due to his vicious strength. Boasting a strength rating well above any other strong safeties, Chancellor is effective when used for taking anyone to the ground.

We have guides on additional areas of Madden 18, now that we've got our hands on the game, including the best offensive plays you can call, as well as a complete Longshot story mode guide.

We’ll continue to update our Madden 18 player ratings guides as the game gets closer to release, with EA potentially making changes to player stats.

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