Black Friday PS4 Deals - Best Prices on PS4 Pro, PS VR and PS4 Games

All the info on Black Friday 2017, the upcoming video game bargain bonanza, including when Black Friday takes place and what deals are likely to be available. PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Gaming Laptop, 4K TV, and Smartphone deals.

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Sony’s PS4 is going to be in high demand this holiday season, so we’re going to help you out by letting you know about all the best PS4 Black Friday deals. This will include the best prices on PS4 bundles, the best prices on the Black Friday PS4 Pro deals, bargain games, and most likely PlayStation VR bundles.

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PS4 Black Friday Deals

Read on for all the best prices on everything related to the PS4 that has gone on sale. We’ll be updating all these deals with the best prices throughout Black Friday week. These deals will include the best prices on the PS4 Pro and PS VR.

PS4 Slim Black Friday Deals

The PS4 Slim might not offer 4K gaming like the PS4 Pro, but it will still play all PS4 games and you’ll get access to the broadest line-up of games and the most exclusives. Here are the best PS4 Slim deals we’ve found.

PS4 Pro Black Friday Deals

The PS4 Pro is a lovely bit of kit and is essential if you want to play some of the biggest PS4 games in 4K. When you’ve seen Gran Turismo Sport in 4K and HDR there is no going back. Here are the best Black Friday PS4 Pro deals.

PlayStation VR Black Friday Deals

PlayStation VR is now a year old and the library of games is getting bigger and bigger. If you fancy jumping on the VR bandwagon, these PS VR deals will be what you’re after.

PS4 Game Black Friday Deals

A new console isn’t much good with some games to play on it. We’ve rounded up the best PS4 game deals so you can grab a bargain or two.

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