Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Trial of the Sword Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

We've compiled a guide to conquering everything The Master Trials DLC Pack has to offer Breath of the Wild players, including how to access Master Mode and The Trial of the Sword.

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As soon as you’ve purchased The Master Trials DLC for Breath of the Wild, Link will have a new side quest called ‘EX Trial of the Sword’. This quest challenges Link to overcome three separate trials of increasing rounds and enemy toughness, starting out with nothing but his shorts. This Trial of the Sword Walkthrough will give you tips and tricks to help Link overcome The Trial of the Sword quest. We’ll help you with some key tactics, as well as outlining things you should and shouldn’t do over the course of the three trials.

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Breath of the Wild Trial of the Sword Tips and Tricks

The Trial of the Sword begins with Link paying a visit to the Great Deku Tree, and being informed by the sentient tree that he can upgrade the power of the Master Sword, by conquering all three trials. Sounds simple enough, until you find yourself in a small environment surrounded by enemies with absolutely no weapons or equipment.

To help you overcome the monumental task in The Trial of the Sword and upgrade the Master Sword, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks to see you through.

  • On entering the Trial of the Sword Link is stripped of his armor and weapons. The best way to prepare is to build up as much health and stamina as possible.
  • You’ll start out in the beginner area, surrounded by a few trees and Bokoblins. Explore your surroundings before you deal with the Bokoblins, since you can scavenge some tree branches and apples nearby.
  • Remember to always pick up an enemy's weapon whenever they drop it, or if they leave it lying around. This is particularly useful with Bokoblins, since they often leave their weapons lying around while at a camp fire.
  • In the early rounds, prioritise your Bomb rune over any weapons. You don’t want to be breaking all your weapons early on and be left relying on weapons drops for the later rounds.
  • Bear in mind that the layout of the levels change every so often, ranging from a standard forest, to a river of lava. Use your surroundings to your advantage, maybe trying to throw some enemies into the lava with the power of the Bomb rune.
  • Whenever there are elemental Chuchu around, make sure to take them out first from a distance, as they’ll explode and cause damage to other near enemies.
  • Try to lure enemies off and take them out one by one, if you can. If you do have to take on a group, use the Bomb rune, as this will frequently cause enemies to drop their weapons.
  • At the end of every level, make sure you scour the area for any items you might have missed. Don’t forget to explode every wooden crate you find with the Bomb rune, to pick up any items that are hiding inside.
  • Every now and then, you’ll come across a level with a cooking pot and some key supplies. Use this level to refresh yourself, through cooking up some tasty dishes with the supplies you’ve scavenged.

Bear in mind that the Trial of the Sword is split into three separate trials, with Link able to restart at the beginning of each if he dies. If you fancy watching a man play through every level of the Trial of the Sword, check out the video we've embedded for you below.

Breath of the Wild Trial of the Sword Rewards

At the very end of each Trial of the Sword challenge, the Master Sword will be permanently powered up an extra 10 damage, reaching 60 damage after the third trial. After finishing the third trial you'll also get a new powerful beam attack and you won’t ever have to wait for the Master Sword to recharge in the future.

  • Beginner Trials - Ends after round 12 - Master Sword upgrades to 40
  • Middle Trials - Ends after round 16 - Master Sword upgrades to 50
  • Final Trials - Ends after round 23 - Master Sword upgrades to 60, new beam attack, and no Master Sword recharge

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