Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find and Defeat the Stone Talus Boss in the Great Plateau

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Breath of the Wild's starting area, the Great Plateau, is largely a fairly safe place to be. There are some Guardians lying around that are lethal, but it's rare to be challenged too much by general enemies. That is unless you encounter the Stone Talus, a boss of sorts found in the north west corner of the area, just east of Hopper Pond. This Breath of the Wild Guide to Defeating the Stone Talus will help you carry on your journey.

Head here to fight the game's first large enemy

If you don't know what you're doing this mini-boss with kill you very quickly and without a thought to how Link's death will hurt the people of Hyrule. If you're not in the local area, fast travel to the Shrine of Resurrection and then use the paraglider to head into the clearing (or take a long walk if you haven't got it yet).

Tackling the Stone Talus early on might be rather challenging, so you might want to head over to the Breath of the Wild Quest Guide to get some more tips and tricks. On the hub page there is a whole heap of excellent and useful information that will help you get through the game.

How to Beat the Stone Talus in Breath of the Wild

If this rock monster is your first boss encounter in the game, chances are you're going to be quite intimidated. The beast awakens as soon as you wander over to the large pile of rocks in the clearing. This thing is massive and packs quite a punch. If you are hit by one of the flying rock attacks most of your health will be depleted unless you've significantly increased your heart containers before attempting this battle.

To down the Stone Talus you must attack the ore deposit on its back. Remember that Link can climb things in Breath of the Wild, and that includes Mr Stone Talus here. Run round the back of him, then jump up onto his back and climb to the ore deposit. You could target the ore with an arrow, with a hit sending the Stone Talus to its knees, but there's really no need.

Attack the black ore with a mining weapon for maximum damage

As far as battles go, this fight's difficulty entirely depends on the equipment you've got at your disposal. You're going to want to equip a mining tool, such as the Iron Sledgehammer. If you attempt to hack away at the ore with a standard weapon this battle is going to take a long time. With the Iron Sledgehammer (damage rating of 12) it's possible to climb up onto the monster's back, then perform one continuous swing using a charged attack and fell the creature in one move.

With the stone talus turned to dust, you're left to pick up the spoils. On the ground where the Talus once stood you'll find a mixture of amber, opals and rubies.

You can see how to defeat the stone talus in the video below:

All your loot combined should fetch a nice amount if sold to a trader, earning some hard to come by rupees. From Beedle, found outside the Duelling Peaks Stable, you'll get 60 rupees per Opal, 30 rupees per Amber, and 210 rupees per Ruby. Head over to our guide on finding Impa in Kakariko Village for info on finding the stable. There are a lot of secret chests to be found in the Great Plateau so it'll be worth making sure you've got them all. Take a look at our guide on how to kill Guardians and also how to get as many rupees as possible.

Sweet, sweet loot!

If you enjoyed battling the Stone Talus, you're going to have a great time later in the game when you face more challenging foes. This defeated monster isn't even a proper boss, so don't get too cocky if you beat it easily. Later bosses require a lot more skill and more advanced tactics.

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