Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Epona, Wolf Link, Plus Other Amiibo Rewards

All the info you need to understand key game systems such as horses, dyes, outfits, cooking, and more. Plus how to find items like the Master Sword and Epona.

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Amiibo support in Breath of the Wild is pretty neat, with certain Zelda amiibo giving some very cool in-game rewards. Here we tell you how to unlock amiibo functionality in the game and reveal what each amiibo gives you. Including how to ride Epona in Breath of the Wild. Yes, that's right, Epona is in Breath of the Wild. We're just as excited as you are! Read on to find out more.

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How to use Amiibo in Breath of the Wild

From the main menu (in in the options menu from within the game) select the amiibo option and then choose to enable the use of the amiibo rune. This functionality can also be disabled at any point from within the same menu. Now it's simply a case of activating the rune ability from the normal rune menu (Up Arrow button) and placing the amiibo on the Switch - we did have some issues getting the amiibo to be recognised, but move around the general area of the right stick and you'll be fine.

How to get Epona in Breath of the Wild

It's Epona, everyone's favourite horse!

Epona, Link's lovely horse from Ocarina of Time, can be ridden in Breath of the Wild. The easiest way to get her is to scan the Twilight Link Smash Bros amiibo. Once Epona is teleported into the game world you'll want to head over to a stable and register her, allowing you to summon her whenever you like. It's worth noting that Epona has incredible stats, maxing out Strength, Speed, and Stamina. You probably already know this, but she also has a gentle Temperament.

When registering Epona at a stable you'll see that the horse is known by the stable owner and her name is automatically entered.

How to get Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild

Wolf Link is very useful to have at your side

Wolf Link, the controversial character from Twilight Princess, can be spawned into the game by using the Wolf Link amiibo. Once he's appeared he'll follow you around, hunting animals so you can pick up the meat, and even attack enemies during combat.

If you own Twilight Princess on Wii U it's possible to enhance the hearts of your Wolf Link amiibo. Play Twilight Princess until you have 20 heart containers, then head to the Cave of Shadows. Complete the first six levels without taking any damage and you can save those hearts to the amiibo.

Other Amiibo Uses in Breath of the Wild

Most amiibo used in Breath of the Wild don't give rewards on the level of Epona or Wolf Link, instead delivering a handy bunch of items. This applies to many amiibo, including Wind Waker Zelda and the new amiibo released for Breath of the Wild.

  • 8-bit Link amiibo: gives players with a selection of randomly assorted goodies such as rupees.
  • Ocarina of Time Link amiibo: gives player a selection of meat. Yummy!
  • Toon Link amiibo: gives players a random selection of fish. Also yummy!
  • Toon Zelda amiibo: gives players a random selection of plants for use in cooking.
  • Guardian amiibo: unlocks rare weapons and items, including a special arrow.
  • Bokoblin amiibo: unlocks some rare fancy clubs.
  • Horse Rider Link amiibo: gives a special sword and a saddle.
  • Breath of the Wild Zelda amiibo: gives early access to the Hylian shield.
  • Archer Link amiibo: gives players an impressive bow.

Depending on what you've already completed in the game so far you have a variety of options to tackle next. You could ride Epona to Hateno Village and unlock the camera. There are also the Ha Dahamar Shrine and Ree Dahee Shrine to attempt. You'll probably want to find out how to kill Guardians and learn how to cook and respec Link's health and stamina.

Hopefully you'll have a wonderful time riding Epona around Hyrule, but please don't forget about your old favourite horses. Perhaps you've given them funny names (maybe based on co-workers) and they hold a special place in your heart. Make sure you give them all a little ride in a field now and again.

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