Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Get the Sheik Outfit and Hylian Outfit

All the info you need to understand key game systems such as horses, dyes, outfits, cooking, and more. Plus how to find items like the Master Sword and Epona.

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Breath of the Wild lets you customise Link's appearance by either buying or acquiring items of clothing. Some of these items are merely there to give slight buffs or look nice, but others are themed around classic characters from The Legend of Zelda history. Here we help you find the Sheik outfit and tell you what you're going to need to buy all the pieces. Be warned that the full kit is not cheap! Read our Breath of the Wild Outfits guide for all the info.

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Who is Sheik

If you're coming to Breath of the Wild without having spent much time with previous games in the franchise you might not know who Sheik is. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Sheik is Princess Zelda's alter ego, who she disguises herself as in order to escape Ganondorf. Sheik appears throughout Ocarina of Time to help Link and teach him teleportation songs. Despite being a much loved character, Sheik has only ever appeared in one mainline Zelda game. At least Sheik is in Breath of the Wild... sort of.

How to get the Sheik outfit in Breath of the Wild

This outfit is cool but not cheap

Sheik is one of the Zelda franchise's most loved characters, and you can play dressed in the outfit in Breath of the Wild. Head to Kakariko Village and wander around the various stores until you find the Enchanted clothing store - the shop sign post is a t-shirt symbol.

In the shop the Sheik outfit is called the Stealth outfit. When worn they grant Link increased stealth ability. Sadly these items are not cheap.

Cost of Sheik outfit

  • Stealth Chest Guard: 700 rupees
  • Stealth Tights: 600 rupees
  • Stealth Mask: 500 rupees

How to get the Hylian Outfit

Not as useful as the Sheik outfit, but very pretty

The Hylian outfit is also found inside the Enchanted clothing store in Kakariko Village. This outfit is a lot cheaper than the Sheik/Stealth outfit, but it doesn't provide any additional buffs to Link while being worn.

Cost of Hylian outfit

  • Hylian Tunic: 120 rupees
  • Hylian Trousers: 90 rupees
  • Hylian Hood: 60 rupees

Use the video below to find out how to get all the outfits and armor sets in Breath of the Wild.

While in Kakariko Village you might want to beat the Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine. We've also got guides on how to get the Master Sword and the best cooking recipes. You'll also want to know how to kill Guardians and how to get rupees as easily as possible.

The Sheik outfit and Hylian outfit are just two of many included in Breath of the Wild. Some are bought and some are found piece by piece inside treasure chests. Other outfits include Dark Link and Wind Waker Link. Check our guides regularly to get all the info on how to find them all.

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