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Scattered throughout the landscape of Hyrule are no less than 900 Korok Seeds, all of which Hestu requires for his Priceless Maracas quest. It'll take Link a fair while to find every seed, and so we've put together this guide for Korok Seed Locations in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Korok Seed Locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild

In order to begin your hunt for all 900 Korok Seeds, you'll have to meet Hestu for the first time. He can be found on the road just outside Kakariko Village, in West Necluda, on the path leading up the side of the mountain from the river just south.

Hestu looks like a gigantic, overgrown vegetable, and upon first meeting him, he'll task Link with retrieving both his maracas, which have been stolen. Just north of Hestu, you'll find a Bokoblin camp where the maracas are lying on the ground, so make sure to defeat all the enemies there and then run the instruments back to Hestu.

After returning the Maracas to Hestu, he'll now task Link with finding all 900 Korok seeds, which go inside his maracas. This is where the long road begins!

Finding every Korok Seed in the entirety of Hyrule will be no small feat for Link. To help both you and him on the way to this lofty goal, head over to this interactive Breath of the Wild map, which features the location of all 900 Korok Seeds, among other key items.

As part of the Master Trials DLC Link can find a Korok Mask. Equip this and you'll get help when out looking for korok seeds - assuming you don't just want to be told exactly where to go.

To get a visual walkthrough to help you find all the Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild, you could do a lot worse than watch the mammoth video below.

Reward for Collecting Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild

Hestu rewards Link for collecting Korok Seeds for him in the form of inventory upgrades, which can expand your weapon, bow, and shield slots. All three of these inventory sections count as different 'paths' in the upgrades, which means you can upgrade your capacity for weapons, bows and shields once each, and this will only cost Link three Korok Seeds in total.

However after this, Hetsu requires additional Korok Seeds in order to upgrade any inventory slot more than once, and so the list below applies to all different categories in your inventory.

  • 1st Upgrade - 1 Korok Seed
  • 2nd Upgrade - 2 Korok Seeds
  • 3rd Upgrade - 3 Korok Seeds
  • 4th Upgrade - 5 Korok Seeds
  • 5th Upgrade - 8 Korok Seeds
  • 6th Upgrade - 12 Korok Seeds
  • 7th Upgrade - 17 Korok Seeds

This means that should you want to upgrade one category, for example bows, five times, it'll cost you 19 Korok Seeds in total. Return to Hestu any time, should you wish to expand Link's inventory.

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Now that we've outlined where to find all 900 Korok Seeds, it's up to Link and you to undertake the monumental task ahead.

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