Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Get Dark Armor Set, Find Kilton, Unlock Fang and Bone Shop

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As you further progress through the expansive game that is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will have likely amassed a large collection of monster parts. If you haven't already used these all for potions or trading with merchants, then here's another special use for them: buying the Dark Armor Set.

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The Fang and Bone shop specialises in sales of some rather unique items, used for either fighting or blending in with monsters. But finding the shop itself, and its mysterious owner, can be a trial in itself.

How to Find Kilton, Fang and Bone Shop in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

To start with, in the northern reaches of the Akkala region, there's a lake that looks somewhat similar to a skull. Either make your way there, or fast travel to the Zuna Kai shrine located on a pillar above the lake, and paraglide down, landing on the bit of land that makes out the left eye of the skull on the map of Hyrule.

Here, provided it's night time, you'll happen upon the Fang and Bone shop, which is run by Kilton. Engage in conversation with him, and you'll find that he's one of the slightly more enigmatic characters in Breath of the Wild, boasting that his love of monsters is greater than anyone else's in Hyrule.

Once this conversation is over, Kilton will pack up the Fang and Bone shop, and will immediately move out of the area for good. This is where things get slightly tricky, as he will have moved to one of four locations in Hyrule. The four possible locations for the Fang and Bone shop are hills on the outskirts of Hateno Village, Gerudo Town, Zora's Domain, or Lurelin Village (although this final one is considerably rarer than the others).

After Link has eventually located Kilton and his shop for the second time, he will offer a range of somewhat odd items, all of which can be traded for 'Mon', (earned through trading in monster parts to Kilton). While monster masks such as Lynels can be purchased from Fang and Bone, the real prize here is the Dark Armor set, which be purchased for the following amounts:

  • Dark Hood - 1,999 Mon
  • Dark Tunic - 999 Mon
  • Dark Trousers - 999 Mon

The Dark Armor set changes Link's appearance drastically, causing him to have purple skin and glowing red eyes. Fitting, really, considering you earned this item through monster parts. The following items are just a few of the many that can be traded in for 'Mon', along with their corresponding value in Mon:

  • Bokoblin Horn - 3 Mon
  • Keese Wing - 2 Mon
  • Octo Balloon - 1 Mon
  • Ancient Spring - 5 Mon
  • White Chuchu Jelly - 5 Mon
  • Hinox Tooth - 18 Mon
  • Lynel Horn - 20 Mon
  • Giant Ancient Core - 100 Mon

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Now that we've told you how to locate and pursue Kilton round Hyrule, all Link needs to do is defeat enough monsters in order to earn the elusive Dark Armor set.

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