Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Kill the Molduga

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While Link can make his way to one of the various hunting grounds of the Molduga and kill the beast without ever even entering Gerudo Town, it'd be a good idea to undertake the Medicinal Molduga side quest first, to reap the full benefits from taking down the beast in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We'll tell you how to do that and kill molduga in this guide.

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How to Start the Medicinal Molduga Quest

To begin the Medicinal Molduga quest, head into Gerudo Town situated in the south west corner of Hyrule, then into Riju's Mansion, and then back out of the exit to your right, finding yourself in a courtyard full of training soldiers. There, Link should happen upon Malena, who will be in the process of shouting commands to all the training soldiers.

Malena will request Molduga guts from Link, tasking him to take down the beast roaming the Gerudo Desert situated all around the town. Now that you've started the Medicinal Molduga quest, head back out of Gerudo Town and to the west, eventually finding yourself in the middle of the Toruma Dunes, a fairly vast sub-area of the Gerudo Desert.

How to Kill the Molduga

Although the Molduga may appear to be a fearsome opponent, it can actually be taken down fairly easily, should you utilise the Remote Bomb function correctly, and should Link come prepared with a good amount of melee weapons.

The Molduga senses Link through movement, meaning that as soon as the fight begins, you'll want to sprint directly to the rocky outpost in the battlefield, scaling the rock to safety. Once you've done this, throw a Remote Bomb fairly nearby, and wait for the Molduga to sense it. Once the Molduga has erupted from underground and has the Remote Bomb near its mouth, detonate the bomb, causing the Molduga to fall the ground and remain motionless for roughly fifteen seconds.

During this time, Link will need to paraglide off the rocky outcrop and drop down near the Molduga, landing it a precious few hits and then retreating to the rocks once the Molduga begins to pick itself back up off the ground. Keep repeating this tactic, as the Molduga has no method to counteract it, and you should take the Molduga down with little effort in virtually no time at all.

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Be sure to pick up the Molduga guts once the beast has eventually been killed, and head straight back to Gerudo Town, ready to claim 300 Rupees from Malena for the item.

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