Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Revive Dead Horses, Where to Find Malanya the Great Horse Fairy

All the info you need to understand key game systems such as horses, dyes, outfits, cooking, and more. Plus how to find items like the Master Sword and Epona.

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Throughout Breath of the Wild, one of the easiest ways to traverse Hyrule is to capture and tame a horse to accompany Link on his adventures. For starters, if you need any help on this, head over to our guide on how to capture and tame horses. Did you know that you can actually revive dead horses?

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But, without further ado, let us guide you through Hyrule and straight to Mulanya, the Great Horse Fairy, who is conveniently tucked away far out of sight of Link.

How to Find Malanya, the Great Horse Fairy

To find the Great Horse Fairy and revive any horses that died at your side, center in on the Faron region, south of Central Hyrule. Travel to the Lake Tower, and then head southwest until a Shrine begins to show up on your Sheikah Sensor. This Shrine is Ka'o Makagh, and from here (or alternatively the Highland Stable right next to the Shrine), you'll want to head southwest again, making your way towards the body of water with a bridge crossing above.

Once you've reached the water, head to the bridge, and then once you're on top of it, head east, until you reach a dead end. At this point, you should see a few luminous orange plants in the area, which always give away the location of a Great Fairy in Breath of the Wild. Interact with the cocoon in the middle of this area, and Malanya will request 1,000 Rupees from Link, in return for her services.

Hand over the cash (or don't, if you'd rather your horses stay deceased), and Malanya will make a grand appearance, in keeping with the tradition of the Great Fairies scattered throughout Hyrule. Once you've completed this, you're all finished, as Malanya will offer Link the chance to revive any horse that his died during his adventures in Breath of the Wild.

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Now that we've told you how to successfully bring back all your horses from the dead, Link should have no trouble making up for his past mistakes, and leading any valiant steeds of his to their untimely demise.

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