Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Where are DLC Season Pass Switch Shirt and Treasure Chest Items?

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If you buy the Breath of the Wild Season Pass you'll be wondering where the promised secret chests are hidden. They are all in the Great Plateau starting area, but instead of wandering around aimlessly to find them you can follow this Breath of the Wild DLC shirt and treasure chest guide. Nintendo could have told buyers where you find their stuff, but thankfully we're here to help out.

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How to get the Rare Switch Shirt in Breath of the Wild

A red Switch t-shirt is one of the items included in the Season Pass. Nintendo has said this shirt will only ever be available to Season Pass owners. It looks like you would expect, so Link ends up wandering around Hyrule like a Nintendo employee at a games convention.

This is where you will find the Switch shirt

Fast travel to the Ja Baij Shrine in the eastern side the the Great Plateau, inside the Eastern Abbey. A bluey purple chest is on top of the wall immediately in front of you. This chest will give you the Nintendo Switch Shirt. Be careful as a Guardian will target you from the ground.

How to get the DLC Secret Chests in Breath of the Wild

This DLC chest will give you bomb arrows

Head to the Keh Namut Shrine, located on the west of the Great Plateau - fast travelling is the easiest option. From here head slightly southwest to a snow covered platform on the edge of the Great Plateau area. You'll see the bluey purple chest marked with the letters EX. Open it to get five bomb arrows.

This DLC chest will give you a ruby

Fast travel to the Oman Au Shrine. Turn right out of the travel portal and back down the side of the Shrine. A red chest is sat next door to the shrine just behind a metal box. Open it to get a Ruby.

Follow the video below for a more visual guide to finding the DLC items in Breath of the Wild.

Other Content Coming as Part of the Breath of the Wild Season Pass

In the summer of 2017 Nintendo will release a new Cave of Trials challenge, a new Hard mode, and an additional map feature. The real exciting part of the Season Pass is set for winter 2017. This content drop will include a new original story, a new dungeon, and additional challenges.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Season Pass is available now priced $19.99/£17.99. The option to download it from the Nintendo eShop was added in a downloadable update at the game's launch on Switch.

The Season Pass Switch Shirt - Source: GameXplain

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