Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find the Jee Noh Shrine and Beat the On the Move Trial

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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Located southwest of the Great Plateau in a region region full of orangey brown stone and massive canyons, you'll find the Jee Noh Shrine. It'll take some gliding and a fair amount of climbing to reach, but assuming you stay away from enemy camps it's not a dangerous journey. Think of it as a bit like a dangerous mission in Pilot Wings!

You'll need to travel across the canyon to reach this shrine

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How to beat the On the Move Trial

This one needs a little bit of thought. Ahead of Link is bridge made of two platforms, each with a conveyor belt on top. These belts move a ball along. The ball disappears to the right and reemerges from the left. Behind the bridge is a platform with a hole in it, perfectly sized for said ball. You have to get the ball into that hole. This will open a door to the right of the room.

This first conveyor belt sets up the rest of the trial

Switch to your Stasis rune ability and target the right bridge. Use stasis on it while the ball is traveling along the left bridge. This should stop the ball inline with the hole platform, allowing you to draw an arrow and shoot the ball off the bridge and into the hole. And just like that you've opened the door. Well done!

Head through the door and you'll see a similar setup, although this time the bridge is being patrolled by two spider enemies that will blast you. You could opt to use Stasis on the left bridge to stop the ball and allow for easy targeting, in order to knock the ball into the hole, but it's pretty easy to target the moving ball and get the job done. This also limits your time near the spiders. Once the ball has been knocked into the hole, head through the newly opened door on the far end of the room.

Now things get properly tricky. You need to get the ball to the other side of the room, across the moving platforms and past the laser beams. Firstly you need to pick the ball up and move it next to the conveyor belts. Place it down again, then use Stasis on the rightmost bridge to freeze time when a block is covering the laser beam. Now pick up the ball and head to the safe platform on Link's side of the room.

From this safe platform you can set up the final stage of your journey

Note: Be sure to place the ball down where you want it by pressing B. If you simply switch to a rune ability the ball will roll away and likely fall off a platform. You'll then have to return to the start of the room to pick it up again.

While on the safe platform, put the ball down then use Stasis on the laser beam to the left of Link. This beam can't be covered by blocks. Once the beam is frozen and you can safely walk past it, pick up the ball and head towards the final laser beam. Now walk on the spot to maintain a safe position until the moving blocks cover the final beam and you can walk through.

Place the ball in the switch hole and then head through the door to the end of the Trial.

How to get the Secret Treasure Chest in the On the Move Trial

In the final room, where you find the conveyor belts and laser beams, there is a chest being moved along. Use Magnesis to grab hold of it and bring it over to the near side conveyor belts. Now wait for it to move down to your position and open it.

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