Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find the Keo Ruug Shrine and Beat the Fateful Stars Trial

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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The Keo Ruug Shrine is one of the trickier to find in Breath of the Wild as it's located in Korok Forest next to the Great Deku Tree. This area isn't found by simply wandering to a location on the map, with Link required to make his way through the Lost Woods. Follow our guide on finding the Master Sword and the Great Deku Tree for tips on how to navigate the Lost Woods.

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How to Solve the Fateful Stars Trial Constellations Puzzle

Walk up the stairs and examine the plaque to get a hint as to how to solve this Trial: "Look to the stars for guidance. The constellations are the key." This is a slightly Zelda way of saying that the balls must be placed in the holes that signify how many times each constellation (the one drawn onto the far wall in front of each constellation column) is found on the large wall constellation map.

Use this to work out how many times each constellation appears

On the ground working from left to right across the room you'll see that the first constellation appears on the wall five times, the second appears three times, the third once, and the fourth two times. Place a ball in each hole that corresponds to the number of torches and you'll unlock the gate and be able to complete the Shrine and earn a Spirit Orb.

The torches represent numbers

How to get the Secret Treasure Chest in the Fateful Stars Trial - Solve Second Puzzle

If you head down the opened gate and to the right, you'll see another set of constellation puzzles. The rules are the same, so the balls need to be reorganised in the original room. From left to right across the room, place the first ball in the fourth hole, second ball in the second hole, third ball in the second hole, and fourth ball in the first hole.

With that Shrine completed you might want to get a new heart or stamina boost, or build up your rupee supply as quickly as possible. You'll also need to know how to kill Guardians and how to cook.

Even though you've technically cheated by following this guide, you should feel somewhat smug about completing one for the trickier Trial puzzles.

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