Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find the Muwo Jeem Shrine and Beat the A Modest Test of Strength Trial

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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Located on the most southern point on the eastern side of the game map, directly south of Hateno Village, is the Muwo Jeem Shrine. This is home to the combat focused A Modest Test of Strength Trial, which is one of the most challenging in the early part of Breath of the Wild. Pay attention to our guide and you'll be fine.

Far out on a cliff edge is a very challenging trial

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How to Solve the A Modest Test of Strength Trial

Preparation is key to success with this Trial. You're going to need to go in with as many heart containers as possible (seven is a good number but you could do it on less), and a stack of high damage weapons (20+ damage) and strong shields. If you can lay your hands on explosive and ice arrows, they will also come in very handy too. A Bokoblin camp at the base of the hill leading up to the shrine is heavily guarded, but defeat them all and you'll be able to grab a few decent weapons.

A Modest Test of Strength Trial
This robo foe is far more challenging than you might expect

Once you enter the Trial room you'll come face to face with a triped enemy. This foe looks similar to one you've likely already fought in the Ta'Loh Naeg's Teaching Trial. It won't take long to realise that this mechanical warrior is a lot more powerful and can withstand an extreme amount of damage.

The slightly amusing looking enemy has a few different attacks. The most basic is just a melee attack, which you dodge and counter with a flurry of your own strikes. The robot will also charge at you, but if you're stood behind a pillar it will smash through it and be immobile for a short period. Use this time to run in and attack.

A Modest Test of Strength spin attack
Stand behind a pillar to be safe from this attack

Other attacks come in the form of projectile blasts that can be dodged with a side hop and a stationary move in which the monster spins round a long leash that can deal a lot of damage. When the leash spin is being performed you can shoot arrows from distance (with ice arrows freezing the beast and giving you a moment to run in and strike).

Even if you know the tactics, the result will be heavily determined by your weapons. You can't really grind the robot down due to weapon breakages, so high damage swords, clubs, and axes are the way to go. Your remote bombs sadly don't deal very much damage. This is a battle of attrition and item management, but if you can win you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Our resilient triped foe drops an Ancient Battle Axe + (45 Damage) and a Guardian Shield +(30 Defence) - plus some ancient items that will come in handy. Now it's simply a case of going through the opened door, taking the bow from the chest and then completing the trial to gain another Spirit Orb.

It's worth seeing how to most quickly build up your rupee supply and if you're tired of battle you could take some time out and relax with a horse of your very own. In order to survive you're also going to need to know how to kill Guardians, and getting hearts and stamina will help with that. It wouldn't hurt to know how to cook special recipes too.

If you're struggling to complete the trial there's no shame in leaving and returning later once you've got better weapons and more health. While many of Breath of the Wild's early shrines are very easy, this one is not.

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