Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find the Wahgo Katta Shrine and Beat the Metal Connections Trial

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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Found north west of Batrea Lake, on the western side of Hylia River, the Wahgo Katta Shrine is home to the Metal Connections Trial. It's also just north of Riverside Stable, which acts as a good marker for whether or not you're in the right general area. This is another shrine that makes use of the Magnesis rune. We like the Magnesis rune as it makes us feel clever.

Head here to find the Wahgo Katta Shrine

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How to Find the Secret Chest in the Wahgo Katta Shrine

As soon as you enter the Trial room, look to your right. In what looks like a placement so easy to reach it can't be as simple as it seems, a chest sits at the top of a platform. It looks as though all you need to do is climb the metal blocks stacked beside it, and that is indeed all you have to do. Open the chest to receive some amber.

Climb up here to find a secret chest

How to Solve the Metal Connections Trial

This Trial is all about building a way to reach things. Firstly you need to use Magnesis to stack the metal bricks on top of each other so Link can climb them and reach the platform on which a metal plate is resting. Once you've reached the top use Magnesis once again to move the metal plate onto lower ground.

Glide down from the high platform and manoeuvre the blocks so that they form a pillar next door to the final platform. Now move the metal plate so that one end rests on the platform and the other end tips down onto the top most block. If positioned correctly you have made a shallow ramp from the block tower up to the platform.

Build this to complete the trial

Now you just need to climb the pillar, walk across the metal plate, and then complete the Trial. You are now the proud owner of another Spirit Orb.

Being so close to Riverside Stable means now is a good time to grab and tame a horse. With plenty of plants and animals around, it's also worth looking at the best recipes and cooking guide so you know what items are worth collecting (although any unwanted items can be scooped up and sold for rupees). Not content to stop handing out useful articles to read, we've also broken down how to kill Guardians. Thank us later.

The maraca shaking Hetsu can be seen across the way when you exit the Shrine. If you've found any Korok seeds you can exchange them for inventory upgrades.

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