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1983 and the Birth of the Japanese Games Industry

Our comprehensive look back at the coming-of-age of Japanese console games 30 years ago.

By Jeremy Parish. Published 8 months ago

Over the past month, we've looked back at the summer of 1983 and the three Japanese game systems that launched that month. In their own way, each machine -- Nintendo's Famicom, Sega's SG-1000, and the MSX computer -- played an important role in the evolution of the games industry.

While the Famicom may be the best-remembered of the three, even its success was part of a bigger picture. In reading through this series, we hope you'll come to better understand why and how the industry evolved the way it did and the part each of these platforms played in helping to make video games what they are today.

The best community comments so far 3 comments

  • atlusPRime 8 months ago

    Welp...so much for getting work done today. This is an amazing collection of video game history; mad kudos!

  • GaijinD 8 months ago

    Loved this series. Great work as usual, Mr. Parish.

  • hammersuit 8 months ago

    Fantastic series of articles. Great work, been enjoying these as they've been published.

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