Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike Guide - Prism, Timewarp: Rings Mods Walkthrough

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Beginning on September 12 and running till September 19, the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike will be one of the premier events of Destiny 2, stepping up the difficulty of the normal Strikes through a number of difficulty modifiers. We'll be breaking down everything you can expect from the weekly Nightfall Strike in this guide, as well as the best ways to complete the Strike within the time limit.

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Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike

This Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike is significantly more difficult than the previous Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike, slapping on difficulty modifiers that completely change the way you approach the Strike. There's the Prism and the Timewarp: Rings modifiers, both of which we'll be breaking down just below.

A shot of the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike.

Timewarp: Rings Modifier

At the very start of the Nightfall Strike, you're given an 11 minute timer which continually counts down. Once the timer reaches zero, you'll immediately fail the mission, and the only way you can extend the timer is by passing through rings you come across within the Nightfall Strike, each of which give you can extra 30 seconds on the timer.

This is the only way you can extend the timer, as you don't earn any time back from killing enemies, like you would have in the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike with the Killing Time modifier. Therefore, it's actually a good idea to entirely avoid some encounters, running past any enemies that you're not required to kill in order to advance. It may sound like an insane strategy, but there's no way you can complete the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike if you wait and try to kill every enemy you come across.

The dig site area in the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike is particularly difficult.

In areas of the Strike where are you are required to kill everyone in the vicinity in order to advance, you'll need to team up and prioritise your fire on the most powerful enemies facing you. This means taking down any Minotaurs, Centurions, and Gladiators that are coming at you, before focusing your fire on the Goblins and other lower ranked enemies. This is a quick and effective way of blasting through packs of enemies, instead of letting them divide you and take up your time.

Prism Modifier

The Prism modifier for the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike is entirely to do with the weapons that your Fireteam use. Whenever you see text pop up telling you that your character is shrouded in a certain element, for example "you are shrouded in Solar energy", this means that your character now deals out bonus damage when using weapons of that particular element.

You need to always pay attention for any of these notifications, as they can help you significantly in taking out any enemies as quickly as possible. Because of the Prism modifier, you'll need to make sure that each member of your Fireteam is carrying weapons that deal out at least two different types of elemental damage, ideally having all three in their arsenal. You'll need to produce Arc, Solar, and Void damage on demand, and you'll need the weapons to do so.

Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike Protheon, Modular Mind Boss Fight

As with every other enemy that you'll come across in the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike, the Protheon, Modular Mind boss is significantly more difficult than in the base version of the Strike. This is an area in which you'll really need to pay attention to the Prism modifier, in order to utilise the best weapons against the boss as quickly as possible.

Protheon, Modular Mind, the boss of the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike.

In the first stage of the boss fight, we'd recommend having two of your Fireteam focus on the boss entirely, leaving one other player free to deal with the upgraded Harpies that spawn into the arena. This is mainly because although the Harpies will disappear once you deal enough damage to Modular Mind, they can chip away at the health of your Fireteam, meaning you definitely don't want to leave them unguarded.

The second stage of the Modular Mind fight functions largely just like the first stage - the boss will disappear and take the minions with him if you deal enough damage, but you will have to take out some of the minions as they can take down your Fireteam given enough time and free roam.

Finally, you'll have to slog it out in the last arena of the boss fight, where Protheon, Modular Mind can summon in hordes of Goblins and Harpies to aid it. In this final phase you'll be forced to deal with the minions as soon as they arrive, and we'd recommend two players deal with them, while the final Fireteam players draws the attention of Modular Mind. It's certainly a tough fight, and you'll need to make sure you've left yourself enough time in which to complete it.

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