Destiny 2 Sturm - How to get the Sturm Exotic Weapon and Drang Sidearm

Here's the definitive list of the very best exotic weapons (including Rat King, Sturm, and Mida Multi-Tool) and exotic armor items you can find in Destiny 2. If you want to know about exotics, we've got you covered. How to get the Rat King, Sturm and Mida Multi-Tool exotics.

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Sturm is a new exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2. Getting hold of Sturm in Destiny 2 is pretty complicated, so we’ve put together this guide on how to get Sturm. Follow our step by step Sturm guide and you’ll be packing one of the best hand cannons in Destiny 2. We’ll also detail how to get Drang and complete the Relics of the Golden Age quest in Destiny 2.

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Is Sturm Any Good?

Sturm comes with many perks that make it a great weapon in Destiny 2. Due to a combat grip it is easier to stay focused on enemies, plus it has a great range and large ammo capacity. Sturm might not have the same level of interest as Rat King, but it's a fine weapon all the same.

Destiny 2 Sturm Guide - Weapon Perks

Sturm has numerous perks that make it a really useful exotic hand cannon. The Sturm perks include:

  • Accomplice - Kills with Sturm refill the ammo of your equipped Energy weapon.
  • Extended Barrel - Increases Range, decreases handling speed.
  • Extended Mag - Greatly increases magazine size, decreases reload speed.
  • Storm and Stress - Kills with the sidearm Drang grant bonus precision damage until the next reload.
  • Combat Grip - Sturm much less vertical recoil.

How to get Sturm in Destiny 2

Getting your hands on Sturm in Destiny 2 isn’t a case of randomly being given it. To get Sturm you’ll have to get your hands dirty and complete a number of missions. Follow our step by step instructions and you’ll have Sturm in your inventory.

How to get Sturm in Destiny 2 - Step by Step Guide

  • Complete the main Destiny 2 story missions to unlock world quests. To get started on completing the story mode as quickly as possible, check out our Homecoming mission walkthrough guide.
  • Head to Nessus and take the 'O Captain' world quest from Failsafe. To complete this, you'll need to find the audio logs of five crew members on Nessus, and then head to the waypoint that Ghost gives you to reach the satellite array.
  • Now you're on to the 'My Captain' quest. This is a straightforward one, as all you need to do is complete a few platforming puzzles, and take out a number of Vex afterwards.
  • Complete the My Captain quest to get the Drang sidearm and an item for Master Rahool, the Cryptarch in the Traveler social hub.
  • Deliver the item (a piece of paper) to Rahool and you’ll be given the Relics of the Golden Age exotic quest.
  • Complete the Relics of the Golden Age exotic quest and you’ll get the Sturm exotic hand cannon. Check out our guide just below on how to complete the Relics of the Golden Age quest.

How to Complete the Relics of the Golden Age Exotic Quest - Get Sturm in Destiny 2

To finally get your hands on the Sturm exotic in Destiny 2 you’ll need to complete the Relics of the Golden Age quest. In order to complete this certain quest, you'll need to complete the following objectives:

  • Decrypt five legendary engrams.
  • Decrypt one exotic engram
  • Kill 10 Fallen on Nessus using the Drang sidearm you acquired earlier on in the process.
  • Return to Rahool and collect a message for Tyra Karn. Go to the Farm and speak to her to get the next quest objective.
  • Achieve 10 Fallen multi-kills on Nessus with Drang. A multi-kill is achieved by killing two enemies without reloading your weapon.
  • Kill 10 Fallen Majors on Nessus with Drang (You'll spot these as they have yellow health bars).
  • Return to Tyra Karn.
  • Launch the Exodus Strike and kill the servitor boss, Kendricks-7.
  • Return to Tyra Karn and the Sturm exotic in Destiny 2 is yours.

How to get Sturm in Destiny 2 Video Guide

If you'd rather watch a guide, the video below walks you through how to get Sturm in Destiny 2.

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