NBA 2K18 Defensive Controls Guide

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As the old adage goes, “The best offense is a good defense”. To take your game to the next level in NBA 2K18 you’ll need to have your defensive game just as tight as your offensive one. Being able to lock down a defender in crucial game moments will not only win you games but make you a threat on both sides of the ball. In our NBA 2K18 Defensive Controls Guide we’ll give you all the moves you need.

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NBA 2K18 Defense Controls

*Note controls are for the Xbox One*


  • Left Stick – Move Player
  • Right Stick – Steal/Hands Up/Contest
  • LT – Intense Dd
  • RT – Sprint
  • LB – Defensive Strategies (tap)/Double Team (hold)
  • RB – Icon Swap
  • A – Player Swap (closest to ball)
  • B – Take Charge
  • X – Steal
  • Y – Block / Rebound
  • Up on D-Pad – Gameplay HUD
  • Right on D-Pad – Defensive Strategies
  • Left on D-Pad – Defensive Sets
  • Down on D-Pad – Substitutions
  • View – Intentional Foul
  • Menu – Pause
NBA2K18 Screenshot - DeMar DeRozan.

On-Ball Defense:

  • Intense-D: Press and hold LT when in front of dribbler.
  • Crowd the Dribbler: Press and hold LT when near the dribbler.
  • Fast Shuffle: Press and hold LT + RT, move Left Stick in any direction.
  • Hands Up Defense: Move and hold Right Stick in any direction.
  • Shot Contest: Move and hold Right Stick in any direction when near shooter (during shot).
  • Vertical Contest: Move and hold Left Stick away from the shooter and press Y.
  • Swat Block: Hold RT and press Y.
  • Take Charge: Press and hold B.
  • Flop: While in take charge, release B, press B.
  • Double Team: Press and hold LB.
  • Icon Double Team: Press LB, press and hold the action button of desired double teamer.
NBA 2K18 Screenshot - Paul George.

Off-Ball Defense:

  • Bump: Hold LT while impeding the path of the offensive player.
  • Chuck: (while standing) LT + Right Stick flick towards offensive player.
  • Grab: (while defender is running) Left Stick + Right Stick flick towards offensive player.
  • Post Up/Ball Denial: Hold LT when near opponent (based on distance to basket).
  • Deny Hands Out: Right Stick in any direction.
  • Ball Pressure: Right Stick press towards ball handler.
  • Push: LT + Left Stick into defender (when posted off-ball).
  • Deny/Front Post: LT + Right Stick left / right (when posted off-ball).
  • Pull Chair in Post: Flick Right Stick in same direction as offensive player (when posted off-ball).

Remember that just focusing on your offensive game will leave you with more L’s than the Knicks front office. Get out there, get low and put a body on someone! Elsewhere you'll find our NBA 2K18 Offense Controls guide.

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