Destiny 2 Guided Games Explained - How to Get a Nightfall Ticket, How to Unlock Guided Games

Guided Games is the big new feature for Destiny 2, but how exactly do you use it, and how can you earn yourself a Nightfall Guided Games Ticket?

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The Destiny 2 Guided Games feature is designed for solo players to meet up with established Fireteams, effectively acting as a matchmaking service and allowing for solo players to jump into endgame content. In this Destiny 2 Guided Games article, we'll be explaining exactly how you can team up with Fireteams, as well as how Fireteams can recruit solo players for Nightfall Strikes. If you’re confused about guided games in Destiny 2, here’s all the info you need.

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What is Destiny 2’s new Guided Games Feature?

Announced back at the Destiny 2 reveal event as a big new feature in the sequel, Guided Games lets solo players pair up with Fireteams of two to tackle the Nightfall Strike, or Fireteams of five to take down a Raid.

The Guided Games menu in Destiny 2.

There are two options when you get to the Guided Games screen in the Destiny 2 menus, and we'll run down both just below:

  • Seeker - This is the option for the solo player looking to team up with a Fireteam and take on endgame challenges like Nightfall Strikes and Raids. Since Guided Games is still in beta, you'll need a Nightfall Ticket to access this option (we'll explain the ticketing system further down).
  • Guide - If two or more members of a Clan need a final player to head into the Nightfall Strike of Raid, then they are Guides, helping solo players through the challenges that await them as one group. If a team want to act as Guides, then at least half the Fireteam must be from the same Clan.

How do I Get a Nightfall Guided Games Ticket in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, the Guided Games feature for Destiny 2 is still in the beta phase, and will be until approximately September 26. While this is going on, Bungie has announced that only a select few players will be given access to Guided Games, able to use a Guided Games Nightfall Ticket to gain access to the Nightfall Strike as a Seeker.

You'll need a Nightfall Ticket if you want to play the role of a Seeker.

If you're without a Nightfall Ticket, then we're afraid you're out of luck, as Bungie has issued a finite amount of Nightfall Tickets to a select number of players, and won't be handing out any more before Guided Games enters full swing around September 26.

But if you have been lucky enough to have been given a Nightfall Ticket by Bungie, then head to the Postmaster in the Farm, and you'll find the ticket waiting for you there.

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