LA Noire Homicide Mission - The Golden Butterfly - Case 2 - Find all Evidence Locations, All Correct Answers, 5-Star Case Rating

A complete guide to getting 5-star ratings in LA Noire’s cases, including where to find newspapers, all evidence locations, and all the correct questions to ask suspects. Traffic, Homicide, Vice, Arson.

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LA Noire Homicide cases don’t get any more pleasant for Cole Phelps, with the second case in the game, The Golden Butterfly, being just as brutal as the first. In this guide to LA Noire’s The Golden Butterfly Homicide Case we’ll walk you through Homicide Case 2, including how to find all evidence, choose all the correct questions, and get a 5-star rating.

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LA Noire Homicide Mission The Golden Butterfly Case Guide - Case 2 Evidence and Questions

In this LA Noire guide to Homicide Case 2, The Golden Butterfly Murder in Heaven, we'll detail all the locations and suspects in the case. Read on for how to find all evidence and what questions to ask.

Crime Scene Evidence

  • Talk to the cop who was first on the scene. He will guide you to the crime scene
  • Talk to the doctor to get his preliminary view on the cause of death
  • Inspect the head of the body to find a rope pattern
  • Inspect the torso of the body to find small men’s footprints
  • Inspect both arms of the body to discover marks that suggests jewelry has been removed
  • Inspect Evidence B (bag) - find name tag and money
  • Inspect Evidence C (footprints)

Moller Residence Evidence

  • Inspect bedroom to find work boots - Size 8s
  • Inspect bedroom dressing table to find empty cases for watch and ring

Moller Residence - Question Michelle Moller - Correct Questions

Phelps has three questions to ask Michelle Moller. Here is what to ask and how to respond to her answers.

  • Question: Missing watch and rings - Good Cop
  • Question: Last contact with victim - Bad Cop
  • Question: State of parents' marriage - Bad Cop

Moller Residence - Question Hugo Moller - Correct Questions

Phelps will follow his chat to Michelle with a talk to Hugo Moller. Here are the questions, responses, and what evidence to bring up.

  • Question: Footprints at crime scene - Accuse - Point towards Size eight work boots
  • Question: Missing persons report - Bad Cop
  • Question: Alibi for Hugo Moller - Accuse - Point towards Husband's alibi
  • Question: History of violence - Accuse - Point towards Butterfly brooch

Talk to the neighbor over the street and she’ll talk about an argument and screaming. Hugo will attempt to flee, so chase after him on foot.

  • Inspect the incinerator to find a bloodied shoe

Make a call in to the office from the phone on the street to get the address for the Belmond High School.

Central Morgue Evidence

  • Inspect ropes and choose the bottom rope
  • Inspect footprints to reveal size 8s

Belmont High School Evidence

  • Chase down Eli Rooney and then get the butterfly brooch off him
  • In the school parking lot find and inspect the rope in the car’s trunk
  • In the school parking lot find and inspect the mechanic outfit in the car’s trunk
  • In the school parking lot find and inspect the bloodied tire iron in the car’s trunk

Call central to arrange interrogations.

Central Police Station - Question Hugo Moller - Correct Questions

Back at central you'll have two perps in custody. Speak to Hugo Moller first and use our guide to choose the correct responses and evidence.

  • Question: Disposal of evidence - Good Cop
  • Question: Access to braided rope - Bad Cop
  • Question: Access to tire iron - Accuse - point towards bloodied tire iron
  • Question: Victim's vehicle recovered - Accuse - point towards mechanic overalls

Do not arrest Moller when you're done talking. Go to Interview room 1.

Central Police Station - Question Eli Rooney - Correct Questions

Follow up your interrogation of Hugo with a talk to Eli. Phelps should have four questions to ask.

  • Question: Footprints at crime scene - Bad Cop
  • Question: Place of employment - Bad Cop
  • Question: Access to braided rope - Good Cop
  • Question: Motive for Moller murder - Bad Cop

Arrest Eli Rooney to complete the case and get a 5-star rating.

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