LA Noire Traffic Mission The Fallen Idol Case Guide - Case 3 - Find all Evidence Locations, All Correct Answers, 5-Star Case Rating

A complete guide to getting 5-star ratings in LA Noire’s cases, including where to find newspapers, all evidence locations, and all the correct questions to ask suspects. Traffic, Homicide, Vice, Arson.

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The LA Noire Traffic Department Case 3 mission sees Cole Phelps investigating a bizarre scenario that involves film props. In this LA Noire guide to the Traffic Case 3 - The Fallen Idol, we’ll walk you through all the evidence locations, where the newspaper is, and the correct questions to ask suspects and people of interest.

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LA Noire Traffic Mission The Fallen Idol Case Guide - Case 3 Evidence and Questions

In this LA Noire guide to Traffic Case 3, The Fallen Idol in Heaven, we'll detail all the locations and suspects in the case. Read on for how to find all evidence and what questions to ask.

Crash Site Evidence

  • Inspect the interior of the car to see blood stains and smashed window
  • Inspect the underwear place on the back of the car
  • Inspect the letter inside the small handbag on the back of the car
  • Talk to the Doctor and the inspect the prop shrunken head he gives you

Crash Site - Question June Ballard - Correct Questions

Phelps has four questions to ask June Ballard. Be sure to point to the right evidence when you accuse her.

  • Question: Doping allegation - Bad Cop
  • Question: Injured female passenger - Accuse - Point to Underwear evidence
  • Question: Fake shrunken head - Bad Cop
  • Question: Suspect 'Mark Bishop' - Bad Cop

Central Receiving Hospital

When you’re finished talking to the nurse, talk to the doctor who can be found looking over notes. You’ll get a new clue showing evidence of abuse. Find Jessica Hamilton in her hospital room and check her board.

Central Receiving Hospital - Question Jessica Hamilton - Correct Questions

When talking to Jessica Hamilton, Phelps has four questions to ask and two of those will require you challenge her withe evidence.

  • Question: Crash incident report - Accuse - Point to Underwear
  • Question: Contact with parents - Accuse - Point ot Letter from mother evidence
  • Question: Association with Bishop - Bad Cop
  • Question: Evidence of criminal abuse - Good Cop

Once you’re done talking to Jessica in hospital you’ll be tasked with tailing June Ballard. Keep her in sight but don’t get too close. Once you arrive at the restaurant sit down at the table to the left that has a newspaper on it. If you listen you’ll get info on the address of Mark Bishop’s apartment.

Bishop's Apartment Evidence

  • Inside the bedroom in front of the wardrobe you can find a check for $20,000. A lot of money!
  • Inspect the saddle, which was presented to Mark by Silver Screen Props
  • Inspect the picture next to Gloria Bishop - the picture shows her husband, Mark, and Marlon Hopgood.
  • In the study (the room with no wall) inspect the model of the Great Wall of Babylon - a movie set replica
  • In the study there’s also a framed picture of a movie set. Inspect it

Bishop’s Apartment - Question Gloria Bishop - Correct Questions

Phelps has four questions to ask Gloria Bishop. Find out what to ask and how to respond to her answers.

  • Question: Domestic disturbance - Bad Cop
  • Question: Whereabouts of Bishop - Good Cop
  • Question: Check for $20,000 - Bad Cop
  • Question: Abuse of Jessica Hamilton - Bad Cop

Make a call to the office to get the address of the Silver Screen prop store.

Silver Screen Props Evidence

  • Talk to the owner of Silver Screen Props
  • Inspect shelves and you’ll find Chloral Hydrate, suggesting it was used to dope young actors
  • Look into the mirror - It’s a one way mirror, with people able to see through from the other side
  • Look for a fake wall you can interact with. This leads to a secret camera room. Inside the camera room there’s a Jungle Drums movie reel next to a knife
  • To the right of the Jungle Drums reel is an empty case for a movie reel - inspect it
  • Beyond the door to the secret camera room is a workshop. Inspect the shrunken heads on the bench
  • A newspaper can also be found in this area

Silver Screen Props - Question Marlon Hopgood - Correct Questions

Phelps has four questions to ask Marlon Hopgood and he'll need to point to evidence numerous times in order to get the true story from him.

  • Question: Association with Bishop - Accuse - Point to Chloral Hydrate
  • Question: Whereabouts of Bishop - Good Cop
  • Question: Relationship with Ballard - Accuse - Point to Empty Film Canister
  • Question: Evidence of blackmail - Accuse - Point to $20,000 check

Once you finish interrogating Marlon you’ll leave and have to take out a couple of enemies.

Jungle Drums Movie Set

You’ll need to chase Bishop and then get him off the movie set while fighting off a whole load of goons.

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