How to Play as Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey - Best Secret Character

The complete guide and walkthrough to collecting all power moons in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Plus how to unlock the secret characters and kingdoms, and metal cubes/moon rocks explained. Find the power moons in Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom.

Guide by Tom Orry, Hirun Cryer, .

Super Mario Odyssey is full of cool things to find, and creatures to possess with Cappy. Perhaps the coolest of is is what you can unlock once you've beaten the game. In this guide to playing as Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey we'll detail how to unlock Yoshi and where to find Mario's old pal.

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How to Unlock Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey lets you play as Yoshi once you finish the game.

Unlocking Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey is very easy, although it will take you some time to do. Follow our steps to play as Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey.

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