Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations - All Secrets, Boss Fights, Walkthrough

The complete guide and walkthrough to collecting all power moons in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Plus how to unlock the secret characters and kingdoms, and metal cubes/moon rocks explained. Find the power moons in Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom.

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Super Mario Odyssey is massive, and the first proper kingdom you'll visit is the Cascade Kingdom. In this guide to the Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, we'll detail how to find the power moons. Follow our step by step guides and you'll even get the secret power moons and be able to defeat the Cascade Kingdom bosses.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Here is our guide to all the Cascade Kingdom Power Moons we've found so far. Keep checking back for more details on all the remaining power moons. Numbers match with those on your Power Moon list in the game so you can use this as a walkthrough if you want to get all the moons.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 1. Our First Power Moon

The first power moon found on Cascade Kingdom requires you to possess the Chain Chomp found directly ahead of the starting area. Fire Cappy into the Chain Chomp then pull him away from the rock formation that has something shiny inside it. Release and the Chain Chomp will smash into the rock and you can get the power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 2. Fossil Falls Heights Boss Power Moons - Multi Moon Atop the Falls

Once you’ve gone up through the top of the retro Mario area you’ll reach Fossil Falls Heights. Move beyond the Chain Chomps and you’ll see a large boss with a pet Chain Chomp. To defeat this boss you’ll have to use the Chain Chomp against her.

Firstly you need to avoid the Chain Chomp strikes and fire Cappy into it. Once in possession of the Chain Chomp, pull away from the boss until she’s tired. Carry on pulling and you’ll be able to release the Chain Chomp back into her. Repeat this process until she’s defeated and a trio of Power Moons are yours.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 3. Chomp Through the Rocks Power Moon

This power moon on Cascade Kingdom requires you use Cappy to possess the T-Rex that’s sleeping on the small hill just around from the Odyssey ship. Once you’ve fired Cappy into the T-Rex, walk the dino over to the area with the Chain Chomps. You’ll see a bricked up door. Smash through this will the dino and another power moon on Cascade Kingdom will be yours.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 4. Behind the Waterfall Power Moon

This Power Moon on Cascade Kingdom is found within the retro Mario area that is hidden behind rock. Firstly you’ll need to use Cappy to possess the Chain Chomp and slam into the rock. This will reveal the entrance to the retro area.

There’s one way straight up (leading to the Fossil Falls Heights boss), but you can also go to the left when near the top. This will lead you to a secret area and a Power Moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 5. On Top of the Rubble Power Moon

Near the start of the Cascade Kingdom Area there is a power moon sat on top of some rubble. It’s not hard to get. Simply walk over and pick up the power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 6. Treasure of the Waterfall Basin Power Moon

Swim across to the far side of the waterfall near the bridge and you’ll find a small alcove. Spin into the treasure chest and you’ll get a power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 7. Above a High Cliff Power Moon

This power moon on Cascade Kingdom is found near the Chain Chomp that’s next to the Odyssey. There’s a pipe near the Chomp that’s blocked. You can break up the rock by slamming the chomp into it. Then simply head through the pipe to head up and get the power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 8. Across the Floating Isles Power Moon

Once you’ve defeated the boss on Fossil Falls Heights you can access a number of new tasks - you can head up there by leaping out of a trampette-jumping dino from down below (with difficulty), or just go up the retro area as before. One of these is a series of floating islands, at the end of which is a power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 9. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 Power Moon

To activate this timer challenge on Cascade Kingdom, throw you cap into the scarecrow next to the water near the starting area. This will reveal a series of platforms. Simply make it to the power moon before the timer runs out to claim the power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 10. Cascade Kingdoms Timer Challenge 2 Power Moon

Spin into the scarecrow at the top of Fossil Falls Heights to start the Cascade Kingdoms Timer Challenge 2. Get to the top before the timer runs out and you’ll get the power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 11. Good Morning, Captain Toad Power Moon

A Captain Toad can be found in each kingdom. In Cascade Kingdom Captain Toad is found off the edge of Fossil Falls Heights. Talk to him and get a Power Moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 12. Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup Power Moon

Head into the secret door (as detailed above), then use the dinosaur to get rid of all the little creatures. Take them all out and a power moon will appear near the entrance.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 13. Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild Power Moon

Head through the warp pipe next to the Chain Chomp/Odyssey. Over one of the sides you’ll find a platform with a secret door. Head through. Possess the dinosaur and head over the edge. You’ll see a moon inside some rock. Smash it and the moon will appear on the island up above.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 14. Nice Shot With the Chain Chomp Power Moon

Head up beyond the Chain Chomps/Dinosaur and turn left at the ring of flowers. Take this path and enter the warp pipe. Inside you’ll have to complete a series of challenges in which you must shoot a Chain Chomp into other Chain Chomps to hit a target. Complete them all and you’ll unlock a room with a power moon inside.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 15. Very Nice Shot With the Chain Chomp Power Moon

But wait, there's more! Once you've reached the very end of the previous Chain Chomp challenge, and you're preparing to head down the pipe to return to the Cascade Kingdom, head to the very bottom right corner of the room, and take the path pictured just above. You'll have to undertake one final Chain Chomp challenge to obtain the Very Nice Shot With the Chain Chomp Power Moon.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 16. Past the Chasm Lifts Power Moon

Take the main route through the retro area in the secret door (detailed above) and you’ll reach a Power Moon. Take the high path over the lifts if you want to find some extra goodies.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moon 17. Hidden Chasm Passage Power Moon

Head to the side of the stone bridge that leads to/from the Chain Chomps that are near the dinosaur on Cascade Kingdom. Down there you’ll find a secret door that leads to a retro Mario Area.

Make your way through the retro area until you can see an area beneath the main path. Jump down and go through the pipes. Using the shell of the Koopa to smash through the brick blocking your path and then keep walking. You’ll go behind the scene and end up at a Power Moon.

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