NBA 2K18 VC Guide: How to Earn VC Quickly

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Virtual Currency or “VC” within the NBA 2K18 universe is a thing that will dictate and determine much of how interact with the game. This year is no different with the plethora of options of how you can spend these precious digital dollars. This NBA 2K18 VC Guide will tell you How to Earn VC quickly in NBA 2K18. We're here to help you so that you can make a bunch NBA 2K18 VC quickly and more efficiently.

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NBA 2K18 VC Guide - How to Earn VC Quickly and Easily

One of the places you’ll spend most of your VC will be in the MyCareer mode of NBA 2K18. Everything from raising your stats to decorating your crib is bound to VC. If you’ve not purchased any directly from the store or gotten some from a pre-order, you’ll have to grind it out from various tasks around the game. So here are a couple of ways that you can earn VC quickly:

Earn VC in NBA 2K 18 MyCareer

The easiest place to snag a good amount of VC is to head to the neighborhood and jump into some games. Whether you play pick-up games in the park or NBA games with your created player, you are guaranteed a minimum of 500 VC for these activities.

While performance will boost up the amount of VC that you’ll receive, just getting into a game and playing will get you a good amount of dough. As you progress you’ll also notice that other options will be available to you. Endorsements and tasks given to you by your manager will offer up different amounts of VC during your time in this mode. Be sure to take advantage of the them because free money is always a great thing.

Grind VC in NBA 2K18 MyLeague

Sometimes you don’t want to go through the process of grinding your VC out. Time is money and money is time as they say and sometimes shortcuts are the way to the promised land. MyLeague will let you set up you franchise and play out a whole NBA season. It also is a mode that will get you some easy VC if you tweak a couple of settings.

  • Set your quarter length to the max 12 minutes
  • Change the game speed to 100
  • Simulate your game, then end the simulation right before the 4th quarter ends jump in and finish the game manually.

By doing this you’ll get credit for finishing the match and since the game isn’t basing your VC return on your performance it will grant you a fair amount due to the length of the game played. It’s a sneaky way to circumvent some of the systems at play but if you don’t have lots of time to earn it the old fashioned way, this is a reasonable alternative.

Earn VC in NBA 2K18 2KTV

The most underrated and slept on place to earn VC is in 2KTV. 2K has done a fantastic job of producing really fun and informative content within the game, but I come to it for the easy VC you can get by answering trivia questions throughout each episode. At a minimum you’ll get 50 VC for any answer you give and if you get it right 100 VC is your prize.

It’s a smart way for 2K to share information and most definitely a smart way to incentivize people watching. So get in there and get your trivia on.

Earn VC by Using the MyNBA2K18 Phone App

I truly believe that if you are in the quest for easy VC and don’t have this app on your phone you are doing yourself a disservice. Everything in this app is here to give you free stuff. Log in and you’ll get VC. Do the “Pick and Win” game and get VC.

Play the card based game and you win VC. The app is a fountain of currency that every 2K baller worth their salt should be engaging with. It takes less time to log into the app and play than it does to run a match within the actual game. Do it and thank me later.

That’s it for now, we hope that these tips were helpful and get your VC coffers up to Scrooge McDuck amounts. Keep checking back on this page for more NBA 2K18 tips and tricks as we head through the season.

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