NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide - How to Get on a Good Pro-Am Team

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With the NBA 2K18 E-League becoming real this year, many players will want to get their MyCareer players as high as possible so that they can be looked at by NBA 2K Pro-Am team GM’s. Doing some of these things listed below in this NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide - How to Get on a Good Pro-Am Team will make you a lock to land yourself on a great Pro-Am Team.

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NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide - How to Get on a Good Pro-Am Team

Getting yourself on a good team will mean that you’ll need to stand out from the crowd and here are a few things you can do to show off your skills:

Pick a unique position and playstyle.

We’ve all seen enough PG’s and SG’s running around, not passing the ball and trying to break every ankle in sight. Try picking a big man with more of an inside game or one that is dedicated to playing defense. This alone will make you sought after and a great asset to your team.

Don’t be a selfish player!

There is nothing more annoying that hogging the ball until the end of the shot clock then turning over the ball because you learned that reall cool new dribble. Being a person who looks to get people involved in the offense is key and will make people want to pick you up.

Play in the flow of the offense.

Sometimes someone else will have the hot hand in a game and you’ll have to defer to them. Always look at what the other team is putting against you both in terms of type of players and badges. Each badge in the game has a counter and if you’ve have that counter-balance it can be a real boon to your team and get you a win.

Take advantages of mismatches.

If you run into a team full of guards and your squad has a bunch of versatile big men be sure to call that out. If you are the quickest player on your team look to try and push the ball as much as possible. After you’ve made your MyCareer player, always look to exploit any other Pro-Am and park players with your specific skill set.

Remember the three S’s: Set, Screen, Space.

Set Screens, Space the Floor and Shoot Wisely - Setting screens for other players is an easy way to boost up your teammate score and to get them open. Sometimes setting screens on players not directly involved in the play can open up passing lanes and opportunities to the basket. Spacing the floor is important, don’t chase the ball. Give your teammates the room to work and yourself the space to make good cuts to the basket. Shooting wisely means, you don’t always have to take the three ball. Mid range shots are even more deadly than you know and can cause havoc for opposing teams who can’t defend it well. Shooting the best shot is infinitely better than the random long range bomb.

Remember if you want to be in the larger player pool you’ll have to go through the initial Pro-Am set up screens. You’ll have to disband that team to be eligible to be picked up by someone else.

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