Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Kill Hinox

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The Hinox variant of monster aren't too common within the world of Hyrule, but if Link does happen to disturb one from its slumber, he'll need to be well prepared for the fight ahead. There are red, blue, and black versions of Hinox, with the blue type having more health points than the red type, and the black version being the most powerful of them all in Breath of the Wild.

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In this article we'll highlight the different types of Hinox, how they differ from one another, where you can find them scattered around the world of Hyrule within Breath of the Wild, and what precious loot Link can gain from taking one down.

Red, Blue, and Black Hinox

The most common variant of Hinox found throughout Hyrule, the red Hinox, is also the weakest of the three, sporting significantly less health points than either the blue or black types of Hinox. However, this doesn't mean it'll be an easy fight, as the red Hinox will still present a fair challenge to an unprepared Link.

How to Kill a Hinox in Breath of the Wild

Firstly, if you have the option, you should always try and get Link on top of the Hinox while it slumbers. You can do this by paragliding and then dropping onto its stomach, enabling Link to snag the various weapons that a Hinox will always have around its neck. While the red Hinox obviously won't have as powerful weapons as the blue or black variants, it'll still provide some decent weapons in case Link's current ones should break.

Once the fight inevitably breaks out, you should always target the eye of the Hinox with an arrow of any type, as although fire, frost, shock and bomb arrows will deal more damage to the Hinox, any hit will temporarily down the beast, leaving it open for a series of attacks from Link. Make sure to repeat this tactic when you can, as once you've successfully hit the eye of the Hinox three times it'll shield the eye from all further ranged attacks, meaning Link will have to take it down through close quarters combat.

When getting in close to the Hinox, it's always a good idea to try and stay behind the monster when possible, as this will avoid Link getting hit by any of its swiping attacks. However, this still leaves the player open to the nasty area of effect slam attack that the Hinox can pull off, and when you see the Hinox preparing to jump, be sure to retreat to a safe distance. As soon as the monster hits the floor, be sure to sprint back in to land a previous few hits.

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Keep repeating these tactics, and in virtually no time at all you'll be able to lay waste to any unfortunate Hinox that should happen to cross Link.

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