Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Kill the Igneo Talus

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In this Breath of the Wild guide we'll walk through how to take down the Igneo Talus, one of Breath of the Wild's returning mini bosses. We'll also cover where you can find the Igneo Talus and the ideal weapons you'll need to have in your inventory.

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Quite possibly the superior of the two varieties of Talus found throughout Hyrule, the Igneo Talus presents a significant challenge to Link on his quest to save Princess Zelda, and can be found around the Goron region, just south of Goron City. While both the Stone Talus and the Igneo Talus are likely considered to be mini bosses by most players, they can give anyone a run for their money, should you attempt to face one unprepared.

First off, if you're thinking the Flamebraker Armour will save you from the firepower of the Igneo Talus, you'd be sadly mistaken, as the heat radiating from the beast will harm Link if he gets too close. On top of this, hovering too long over any of the molten ground around the Igneo Talus will also cause Link to lose hearts in quick succession.

Best Weapons to use Against the Igneo Talus in Breath of the Wild

To combat the Igneo Talus, a good tactic is to blow off each arm using the Remote Bomb, as this will cause the Talus to fall down for a precious few seconds, allowing Link to get in a few shots with a bow. In this situation, any type of arrow will deal decent damage to the Igneo Talus, and not just the frost arrows, as you might expect.

Keep moving around the Igneo Talus, never staying for too long in one location, as it could unleash a nasty area of effect attack, which will burn Link for a good few seconds afterwards. Also, it's a good idea to jump any time you see one of the Talus' arms headed your way, as this will minimise the damage and prevent Link from getting knocked down.

Loot Gained From the Igneo Talus

Once defeated, the Igneo Talus will drop a good amount of precious gems for Link to scoop up, including opals, flint, amber, and the occasional ruby, ultimately making it a bigger 'risk vs reward' opponent than the more common Stone Talus.

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If you've followed this guide to the letter you should now be able to defeat Ingeo Talus. Well done!

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