Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Shield Surf Down Mountains

All the info you need to understand key game systems such as horses, dyes, outfits, cooking, and more. Plus how to find items like the Master Sword and Epona.

Guide by Tom Orry, Hirun Cryer, .

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that's full of tiny touches, the kind of which add up to make for a remarkable experience. Everywhere you look there's something neat that didn't need to be there, but is. No doubt there will be things left undiscovered for months. One feature that exemplifies this is shield surfing. Link clearly has an extreme side as it's possible to send him careering down mountain sides like he's a Winter Olympian. In this guide we tell you how to perform the shield surf in Breath of the Wild and how to pull off tricks. Thank us later when you're the coolest warrior in Hyrule!

Link can go all extreme sports

If you'd rather limit movement to on-foot (either yours or a horse's) we've got plenty of other useful content for you in our Breath of the Wild Guide: Quests and Shrines Walkthrough. Head over there once you're done learning about the game's nod to extreme sports. Truthfully, surfing is probably more fun though.

All Link needs in order to shield surf is a shield, and ideally a nice slope. Press ZL to raise your shield, then tap the X button to jump and then hit the A button to make Link jump into the shield. Assuming there is enough of a slope Link will start to slide down. This is best done at the top of a snowy mountain.

How to Perform Tricks While Shield Surfing

You might think that Link being able to surf down mountains on a shield is pretty cool, but wait until you get him performing tricks. To do this follow the steps above to get Link onto the shield, then press X along with a direction on the left stick. Link will also perform a spin if you press Y.

Shields can Break When Shield Surfing

Shield surfing is great fun, but it can be dangerous. As is the case during combat, after a period of use the shield Link is surfing on will break. If you happen to be traveling at high speed down a mountain, Link will tumble at get injured. You've been warned. It's also best to use the weak shields you pick up rather than any high rated gear you're carrying.

If you don't yet have the knowledge, take a look at our guide on how to kill Guardians. It'll come in very handy. We've also got tips on how to cook, how to respec your health and stamina, and how to get rupees as quickly as possible.

So, that's shield surfing. Have fun, and let us know if you find any particularly great spots to cruise down.

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