Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Sail and Make Wind

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As you take in the sights of Hyrule you'll come across wooden raft, just kind of sitting at the edge of a mass of water. You probably jumped onboard in the hope that you'd magically start sailing down a river or across a large lake, but nothing happened. Those raft can be ridden, but to do so you'll need to generate the wind to blow the sail. In this Breath of the Wild guide we'll tell you what you need to sail in Breath of the Wild and how to actually do it. It's not tricky but until you know you'll be clueless.

If this raft talk doesn't float your boat, perhaps our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and tips hub will offer something more appealing. Rafts are really cool, though, so read on if you want to rule the high seas (or at worst sail on them).

What's Needed to Sail Raft in Breath of the Wild - Make Wind

In order to make a raft move you're going to need to be able to generate wind while stood on it. To do this you need a weapon that can be waved about to create gusts. That weapon is the Korok Leaf, its wide spread of leaves being perfect to push air forwards.

Link using the Korok Leaf to create wind

Korok Leaf are often found near to an abandoned raft, but if you can't find one they drop out of fallen trees. You don't always get one and you might burn through numerous weapons cutting down trees, but you will at least build up a supply of wood in the process (which you could use to buy a house). Try to have an axe in your inventory for the task.

How to Sail a Raft in Breath of the Wild

Use raft to reach distant locations

With a Korok Leaf in hand hop onto a raft and then hit in the direction you want the raft to go. If you hold down the attack button and then release you'll generate a large gust or you could string together swings to build speed. Be careful not to accidentally topple off the raft while a long way from shore, as doing so will see Link immediately drown! Creatures lurk out in the ocean that will attempt to attack or knock you off, so be careful and don't stay in the same spot for long.

It's also possible to launch a raft by building an ice pillar next to wear it's on the shore.

Sailing in Breath of the Wild isn't hard once you know what you're doing. If you're still unsure, take a look at this video.

Why not use the raft on Hateno beach to reach the Chaas Qeta Shrine. If you fail for any reason the raft will be returned to its starting point. It's worth taking a minute to brush up on how to kill Guardians and find out how to easily get rupees.

Now you can sail it's possible to reach distance islands and Shrines that seemed out of reach or just move quickly along rivers. These distant locations include the super interesting Eventide Island south of Hateno Beach - an area worth heading to discover the trial that awaits.

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