Destiny 2 The Farm Social Space - How to Access, Time it Opens, New Vendors, Dead Zone Location - Everything We Know

But can you farm in The Farm?

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Taking over from The Tower in the original Destiny, The Farm Social Space in Destiny 2 offers new vendors and new activities, along with being featured in the brand new location of the European Dead Zone.

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Here we'll be covering all the information we have so far on The Farm in Destiny 2, including the activities you can get up to in the new social space, as well as the new vendors you'll be encountering. Plus we'll detail what date and time the Farm opens up in the Destiny 2 Beta.

Destiny 2 The Farm Details

A sneak peek at what The Farm in Destiny 2 has in store took place in the Destiny 2 console beta, but it was limited to a single hour on Sunday, July 23.

What Date and Time Will the Farm be availalbe in the Destiny 2 Beta?

The Farm was only be accessible for a single hour during the beta on July 23, at the following times:

  • West Coast US: 10 AM PST
  • East Coast US: 1 PM EST
  • UK: 6 PM BST
  • Europe: 7 PM CEST

Why is the Farm limited to an hour in the Destiny 2 Beta?

Bungie stated that they want to see how many players The Farm can confortably accomodate at once, hence the reason for putting it live for a single hour during the beta. The developer also revealed that most vendors would be offline during the beta, and character progression won't be available.

In the video below, Bungie narrative lead Ryan Ebenger gave a brief tour of The Farm, outlining some of the key features in the new social space for Destiny 2.

If you missed out on taking a look at the Farm in the Destiny 2 Beta, but don't want to wait until the game releases in September to get an early fix, we've embedded a video tour for you below.

So, what're are the main new features for The Farm? Glad you asked, as we've summarised them all below for you:

Destiny 2 The Farm New Social Space Features

  • 26 players can now be in The Farm at once, this having increased from the limited The Tower had of 16 in the original Destiny.
  • The Farm will only be unlocked in the full Destiny 2 game after you complete the main Homecoming mission, in which The Tower is destroyed.
  • The Farm will evolve over time, with Ebenger hinting that this evolution will be tied to player progression in the Destiny 2 campaign.
  • NPC characters can come and go from The Farm, with this also likely being tied to your progression in the campaign.
  • Two vendors are so far confirmed to be in The Farm - Postmaster Darbl 55-30 and Cryptarch Tyra Karn, both of which featured in Rise of Iron's social space.
  • There is a hanger in The Farm, where players can fix their ships and Sparrows after the attack on The Tower in the Homecoming mission.
  • You can see The Shard in the distance, which you can reach in another area of the European Dead Zone, where The Farm is situated.
  • There's a soccer pitch in The Farm, where players can score goals and set off a chain of fireworks in doing so.
  • There are chickens!

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These are all the details we have right now on Destiny 2's The Farm, but we'll surely have more details both during the upcoming beta, and once the full game launches in September.

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