Injustice 2 - Catwoman Moves List, Combos and Strategies

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Having long been a central figure of the DC Universe, Catwoman features prominently in the story of Injustice 2, siding with the team composed of Batman, The Flash, Firestorm, and Blue Beetle.

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Below we'll explain all the abilites that Catwoman has at her disposal, all of which mainly revolve around her claw, whip, and her natural nimble capabilities.

Catwoman's Special Moves

The Special Moves of Catwoman mainly revolve around her ability to be quick on her feet, as well as her useful whip attacks. The Cat's Tail and Cat Dash abilities can both rapidly tear through an opponent, with the former being a good choice for dealing damage from afar.

  • Cat Dash - Left, Right + Medium Attack
  • Cat Stance - Down, Down + Heavy Attack
  • Cat’s Tail - Down, Right + Light Attack
  • High Feline Evade - Down, Left + Medium Attack
  • Low Feline Evade - Down, Left, Medium Attack, Up
  • Rising Claws - Down, Right + Heavy Attack

Supermove: Bad Kitty - Flip Stance + Meter Burn

Catwoman's Supermove, named Bat Kitty, takes advantage of her motorbike that pops up now and then in various DC Comics storylines. Use this when you're in fairly close proximity to your opponent, as you'll have to time it perfectly so that Catwoman doesn't sail over the head of her opponent when she jumps to initiate the Supermove.

Catwoman's Character Power - Cat-Lateral Damage

Every time Catwoman lands an attack, she has a chance to have a point added to the Scratch meter at the bottom of the screen. When the Character Button is then pressed, however many points are on the meter equates to how many hits she will land on her opponent. An undoubtedly useful ability for Catwoman, especially for any fights that drag on.

Catwoman's Combo Attacks

  • Plaything - Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Cat Style - Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Burmese Bash - Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Scratching Post - Light Attack, Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Cat's Eye - Light Attack, Medium Attack, Left + Heavy Attack
  • Tom Cat - Light Attack, Right + Medium Attack
  • Crafty - Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Purrfect - Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Down + Heavy Attack
  • Scaredy Cat - Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Up + Heavy Attack
  • Kitty Princess - Right + Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Ball of Yarn - Right + Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Kitty Kitty - Right + Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Whiplash - Medium Attack, Down + Medium Attack
  • Curious Cat - Medium Attack, Down + Medium Attack, Light Attack
  • You Kitten Me - Medium Attack, Down + Medium Attack, Light Attack
  • Meow Meow - Left + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Pretty Kitty - Left + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • Hissing - Right + Medium Attack, Down + Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • Pick Pocket - Right + Medium Attack, Down + Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • Meow Mixup - Right + Medium Attack, Up + Heavy Attack
  • Got Your Tongue - Right + Medium Attack, Up + Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • Wildcat - Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Safe Cracker - Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack, Left + Medium Attack
  • Kitty-Cornered - Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack

The Combo Attacks for Catwoman are a fairly straightforward bunch, and mostly revolve around her razor-sharp claws. Wildcat is an easy attack to pull off in a short amount of time, that deals some hefty damage to your opponent, while Plaything can strike your opponent even quicker.

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