Injustice 2 - Harley Quinn Moves List, Combos and Strategies

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As a former doctor to The Joker himself, Harley Quinn was tormented by the Clown Prince. After the Joker's demise at the hands of Superman in the first Injustice, Harley has now joined forces with Batman, of all people, to aid him in restraining Superman.

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Harley Quinn's Special Moves

The special moves of the former doctor Harley Quinn mainly revolve around the gadgetry she carries into battle. Pistol Fury is a good, quick attack that deals out some good damage while also knocking back the enemy, while Cupbake Bomb is ideal for when your enemy is just out or reach, or backing off.

  • Pistol Fury - Down, Right, Light Attack
  • Up Pistol Fury - Down, Left, Light Attack
  • Play Doctor - Down, Left, Right, Light Attack
  • Cupcake Bomb - Left, Right, Medium Attack
  • Pop Pop - Down, Left, Medium Attack
  • Tantrum Stance - Down, Left, Heavy Attack

Supermove: Get 'Em Boys - Flip Stance + Meter Burn

In this Supermove, Harle sets her vicious dogs on her opponent, before brutalising them with her hammer. It's an easy move to pull off, as all it needs to succeed is for you opponent to be right in front of you, and not jumping in the air.

Harley Quinn's Combo Attacks

  • Naughty Naughty - Light Attack, Light Attack
  • I Hope It Hurts - Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Girl's Best Friend - Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Rude Joke - Light Attack, Medium Attack, Hevay Attack
  • Irresistible - Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Let's Play - Left + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Light Attack
  • For Mistah J - Right + Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Miss Me - Medium Attack, Left + Heavy Attack
  • Batter Up - Medium Attack, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Go Night Night - Medium Attack, Right + Heavy Attack, Light Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Hi Puddin' - Medium Attack, Down + Heavy Attack
  • Pleased To Meetcha - Medium Attack, Up + Heavy Attack
  • A Little Crazy - Left + Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Don't Get Hurt - Right + Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • That's Cute - Right + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Lollipops - Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack

Character Power - Hungry Hyenas

To activate Harley's Character Power move, press down the character power button to initiate one of two hyenas racing across the ground towards the opponent. Alternatively, hold the button down for both hyenas to pounce at once, dealing more damage to the opponent.

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